The Right Tools for Cutting Out Website Abandonment

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website abandonment

Website abandonment encompasses every stage of the online conversion funnel. By taking a comprehensive approach to reducing abandonment, online businesses are allowing for the largest increase in conversions.

website abandonment studyA recent press release announced the success of the custom website abandonment solution UpSellit created for FSAstore. By combining Targeted Offers with segmented email remarketing, FSAstore increased online conversions by 6%.

In this article, we’re going to discuss how FSAstore successfully addressed abandonment at every stage of online purchase funnel by combining two remarketing solutions.

The Online Conversion Funnel

abandonment-funnelThe traditional purchase funnel aligns perfectly with the typical online conversion process. At the top is the largest part of the funnel, made up of every customer who lands on your website–even if they’re only visiting for a few seconds. The funnel narrows as some customers drop off from product pages, shopping carts and checkout. With only 3.3% of site visitors reaching checkout, it’s easy to understand why an effective abandonment solution should address each stage of the funnel.

Top-of-Funnel Website Abandonment

Online shoppers who abandon the entrance page, overview pages, or information pages are considered top-of-funnel. At this stage in the purchase process, most customers haven’t provided the information necessary to open up a direct remarketing channel. When a customer moves to abandon from this stage, direct intervention is the most effective method of recovering the conversion.
Targeted OffersTargeted Offers are an ideal strategy for recovering consumers who abandon the top of the funnel. With UpSellit’s Predictive Abandonment Detection, Targeted Offers launch a personalized on-site promotion at the exact moment of website abandonment. By sweetening the deal and creating urgency, FSAstore was able to convince 6.6% of abandoning shoppers to come back, 52% of those shoppers went on to complete a purchase. Although these performance metrics may seem low, the sheer volume of visitors made this campaign highly profitable.
Targeted Offers also provide valuable marketing insight. FSAstore incorporated an A/B split test into their campaign and identified the most effective incentive strategy for top-of-funnel abandoners. Read Internet Retailer’s article about UpSellit’s incentive split test to learn more.


Bottom-of-Funnel Website Abandonment

The “bottom” of the conversion funnel accounts for customers who add items to their cart and begin checkout. Unfortunately, over 50% of consumers who begin checkout don’t complete their purchase.

FSAstore begins their checkout process with email collection. This tactic allows for a larger remarketing reach because a much higher percentage of abandoning shoppers provide an email address. UpSellit’s PreCapture Lead Recovery technology expanded this reach even further by saving email addresses the instant they’re typed. For FSAstore’s email campaign, over 40% of the leads recovered from checkout abandonment were never submitted and would have been lost with PreCapture.

email remarketingWhether the shopper abandoned from the email collection page or the billing page, UpSellit delivered a series of personalized remarketing emails that recovered lost conversions. The first email reminded the visitor of the items in their shopping cart. The second email provided a unique incentive, and the third email created urgency around the incentive. Again, FSAstore split tested incentive strategies for optimal conversions. The results of this test can be found in Internet Retailer’s article: ‘Which Incentive are Best at Saving the Sale?’


The Full-Funnel Approach to Abandonment

Combining solutions like Targeted Offers and Email Remarketing allows retailers to stay in-step with visitors across multiple sessions, consistently delivering relevant and useful promotions. This type of full-funnel combination ensures that a maximum number of eligible leads are followed-up, generating more revenue and conversions.

Although no two stores are exactly alike, abandonment is always a site-wide problem. With the proper tools and the right team, your company can actively work against abandonment to keep shoppers happy and converting. To learn more about how combining website abandonment solutions to recover the most conversions, check out our recent work with FSAstore.

Written by Joe Rosenthal

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