Best Practices for an Abandonment Email Strategy

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Abandonment Email Strategy

While ecommerce has grown in the past decade, abandonment remains a major issue for online retailers. Case in point: 77% of all online shoppers abandoned their carts in 2017.   For that reason, a well-executed abandonment email strategy is essential for any ecommerce business.  Email remarketing is the process of contacting a lost lead and reintroducing them to the conversion … Read More

Understanding Bounce Rates and How to Improve Yours

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Understanding Bounce Rates and How to Improve Yours

What makes improving bounce rates so important? The success of your business depends on engaging your customers – and that can’t happen if they leave immediately after arriving. Bounce rates are perhaps the most important (and most dreaded) metric in ecommerce. As you probably know, a “bounce” is when a visitor leaves your site after viewing only one page. It’s … Read More