Strategic Email Remarketing: A Look at Lenovo’s Campaign

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Email ReMarketing Campaign

Email ReMarketing CampaignToday, UpSellit released a study that outlines the success of Lenovo’s custom email remarketing campaign. We’re going to discuss the strategies we employed to yield the successes outlined in the report. While the topics of today’s post are useful even if you haven’t gone through the study, reading about our work will give you a greater insight into how UpSellit develops customized campaigns and how email remarketing works in general.

The Study: Remarketing Rewarded

Lenovo is a company defined by quality, determination, and dedication. It’s no easy task to become one of the most recognized names in computing–a task that isn’t completed without keeping a constant eye on optimization. In efforts to further optimize their online purchasing process, Lenovo approached UpSellit looking for a way to effectively reduce checkout abandonment rates.

UpSellit designed a campaign that uses PreCapture®, a proprietary lead recovery software, to fuel an email remarketing campaign initiated by first-time customers abandoning carts full of products at the early stages of checkout. With an average campaign conversion rate of 35%, UpSellit’s work fostered a significant boost in revenue for Lenovo.

Now, let’s take a look at a few of the elements that made this campaign so successful.

Strategic Email Remarketing

Each remarketing campaign designed by UpSellit starts with a thorough evaluation of the client’s website to determine how to best meet and exceed campaign goals. In the case of Lenovo, a few key strategic elements stood out, giving us the opportunity to build something uniquely effective.

The Purchasing Process – Although Lenovo offers very competitive pricing on their products, computers are typically a sizable purchase. Because of this, you won’t often see customers purchasing a new laptop or tablet on impulse. The purchase cycle is typically long, involving a good amount of competitive research and review hunting. This creates two challenges for the retailer: maintaining relevance and keeping in contact with leads through the customer’s consideration period. UpSellit’s Email ReMarketing campaign helps achieves both.

Relevance – In addition to addressing each recipient by name, messages dispatched throughout the campaign are dynamically populated by images of products left consumers’ carts, serving as a constant reminder of what’s left in digital limbo. The rest of the email is carefully crafted by a team of designers to mirror Lenovo’s branding and maintain a constant, consistent feel for the user.

Continued Contact – UpSellit’s Email Remarketing Platform allows for the building of multi-touch campaigns that dispatch different messages to readers dependent on user behavior. For example, if a recipient opens an email, but doesn’t follow the link back to the shopping cart, they’ll be contacted again within a few days with another reminder. In the purchasing process for more expensive goods, staying top-of-mind is key, which is exactly what a multi-touch campaign achieves.

Consistent Incentives – Offering discounts as an incentive to purchase is a tested, effective tactic for closing sales. As such, Lenovo has already designed and distributed coupons to boost sales when and where appropriate. Offering incentives is also a very powerful email remarketing tool, but when deals are inconsistent and a number of different coupon codes are offered, the buyer becomes wary of not getting the best possible deal.

To address this, PreCapture® determines which coupon code was entered at the time of abandonment. Using this information, our Email Remarketing Platform sends out a coupon that matches the deal offered with the entered code. If no coupon code is entered, then a default promotion of 10% off is dispensed. By implementing this strategy, UpSellit maintained the power of coupon codes without stepping on the heels of Lenovo’s existing efforts. When deals are consistent, customers aren’t left responsible for choosing one deal from many and can comfortably move to confirmation.

Adaptable Technology – As a pioneer in the tech business, it’s no surprise that Lenovo had remarketing efforts in place on their website already. All of the tools within the UpSellit Abandonment Suite are highly configurable to ensure that they deploy precisely where desired and only to high-value clients. With the right customizations, UpSellit carefully segmented to achieve maximum reach and avoid overlapping with Lenovo’s existing, internal campaigns.

First-Time Visitors – UpSellit only targeted first-time visitors on registration and guest checkout pages who had a populated cart. Typically, if a first-time user fails to submit any type of contact information, that lead goes cold immediately. PreCapture®, however, collects information at the very moment it’s typed in, removing the dependency on a user clicking “submit.” Every lead recovered by UpSellit was a lead that may have otherwise disappeared entirely.

Designing a complete campaign is a delicate process that involves balancing a wide range from factors, from customer purchase intent to average cart values and more. Through thorough analysis, careful planning, and continued optimization, UpSellit launched a campaign that recovered leads from over a quarter of targeted users. To learn more about UpSellit and our work with Lenovo, please download the case study. If you have any further questions, contact us today.


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