A Decade of Reducing Website Abandonment

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website abandonment

website abandonment
Today, UpSellit celebrates its 10th year of business. Over nearly a decade, we’ve grown from an automated chat abandonment solution into a provider of comprehensive on-site and email remarketing services. Now, UpSellit works with thousands of online businesses, targeting and converting abandoning shoppers using personalized engagements, boosting profitability for online retailers by 5-25%.

In 2005, UpSellit pioneered the movement to reduce website abandonment. From there, we used data from abandoning customers and formulated strategies for reducing website abandonment at every stage of the shopping process. UpSellit’s Suite of Site Abandonment Solutions is the culmination of these findings that fuses together on-site and email recovery technologies to complete otherwise lost conversions.

“Site abandonment solutions weren’t really on marketers’ radars when we started,” said Tom Kogler, Co-Founder and CEO of UpSellit. “Our automated chat solution was the launching point for uncovering shopper abandonment patterns and developing solutions to fit those patterns.”


Full-Funnel Website Abandonment Strategies

A decade and billions of shopper engagements later, UpSellit has advanced online customer recovery from a guessing game to a precise science. For each campaign, UpSellit carefully analyzes the client’s website and develops behavioral profiles to find and address abandonment hot spots. By watching which types of shoppers abandon at which parts of the conversion funnel, UpSellit develops highly segmented engagements that display personalized messages at the perfect time.


Proven Proprietary Technologies

UpSellit’s Suite of Abandonment Solutions is the result of years of refinement. In 2005, UpSellit was the first to launch a chat engagement that deploys on abandonment. Over the years, our detection methods evolved, making way for solutions using the “Predictive Method,” which allowed us to preempt site abandonment and organically engage shoppers before they exit a page.

In addition to launching chat engagements, UpSellit began testing the collection of email addresses from abandoning users. Research showed that, for a small discount, users would provide their email address before leaving a site. Email collection was then tested alongside onsite promotions that only required a click to apply the discount.

Developing these technologies and tests taught UpSellit that there wasn’t a single best approach to reducing site abandonment. A combination of factors and solutions contribute to the most effective customer recovery strategy.


A Big Thank You

Today, UpSellit boasts a robust suite of feature-rich solutions that allow online businesses to deliver completely custom engagements to precise segments of traffic in order to deliver the highest possible increase in profitability. However, none of our solutions would be where they are today without the patronage, patience, and progressive thinking of our clients.

From all of us at UpSellit, thank you very much. We look forward to another 10 years of developing new technologies, lowering abandonment rates, and recovering conversions!

For more information on our 10 year milestone, check out the press release!

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