Reduce Cart Abandonment with Early Email Collection

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By now every internet marketer has heard the advice ‘don’t require your customers to register before checkout.’ A significant percentage of customers will abandon if they think they have to fill out page after page of registration forms. What consumers don’t realize is that businesses typically collect the same information during the checkout process anyway, so in essence, marketers can reduce cart abandonment by simply positioning the information collection in a simpler, less intimidating way.

UpSellit has successfully implemented a variation of this same logic with a handful of e-commerce websites and produced some amazing results. With the objective of creating a less intimidating checkout process while collecting key information early, UpSellit’s abandonment experts reduce cart abandonment by recommending businesses begin their checkout process with a single field: the email address.

reduce cart abandonment

Presenting the single email address collection field on the first stage of checkout provides three key benefits that work together to significantly reduce cart abandonment.

1. Simplicity. With just one field to fill out, consumers aren’t presented with an overwhelming list of requested information that leaves shoppers wondering if they have the time (or patience) to complete the checkout. To reinforce the speed and simplicity of the checkout process, UpSellit also recommends including an unassuming progress bar that informs the shopper how many more steps must be completed before completing their purchase.

2. Speed. Limiting options is a very effective method of speeding up the time it takes to complete a transaction. Asking the shopper if they’re a returning customer, a guest, or if they’d like to register is an unneeded obstacle in the conversion process. By simply requesting the shopper provide their email address during the first stage, businesses can easily differentiate repeat customers from new ones and send them down the correct path accordingly.

3. Lead Recovery. Possibly the most significant impact the immediate email address collection has on reducing cart abandonment is the enhanced ability to remarket to abandoned carts. UpSellit’s clients who implemented the ’email-first’ strategy captured between 200-300% more post-submit leads from abandoned carts. When these clients also implemented UpSellit’s proprietary Datahound Lead Recovery technology, abandoned cart lead collection increased by as much as 600%.

For more information about simple ways to optimize your checkout process, or to learn more about how UpSellit’s Datahound Lead Recovery can reduce cart abandonment, please contact an UpSellit Abandonment Expert here.

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