Raising the Dead: Retrieving Abandoned Carts from the Crypt

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Reduce cart abandonment this Halloween with surprisingly simple tricks and treats from UpSellit. Last year, nearly $2.8 billion dollars were spent on costumes and one third of those costume seekers turned to the web to secure their getup. Halloween is the fourth-most profitable holiday for online merchants, making this time of year as valuable as it is terrifying.


With every swell in sales comes a surge of abandoned carts. As the full moon rises over All Hallows’ Eve, what can you do to protect yourself from these dead shopping carts?


Shopping Cart Recovery: Saving the Survivors

Every online merchant likely has a ghost story about shopping cart abandonment. Although panicking isn’t a good survival strategy, the following statistics are a little scary: Approximately 8.5% of shoppers add an item to their cart and 70.1% of these carts end up abandoned.

First things first; it’s up to you to keep your carts out of the crypt and on path to checkout. For optimal revenue, you’re going to want to hold on to as many orders as possible. So, what can you do to reduce cart abandonment and help your conversions survive?

  1. Call for Backup. Many online shoppers endure a good deal of anxiety when making purchases. To help hesitant shoppers and keep carts alive, make lifelines available. Maintain several channels of customer support, including telephone support, email support, and virtual chat agents. The more available help is to the consumer, the less likely they are to abandon their cart.
  2. Strength in Numbers. Whether you’re fighting off hordes of zombies or shopping online, it’s good to know you’re not alone. Providing shoppers with social proof has been shown to reduce reduce cart abandonment rates. Customer testimonials and Facebook ‘Likes’ reinforce purchase decisions for hesitant customers.
  3. Build Trust. On a day like Halloween, when creepy crawlies lurk behind every corner, it’s hard to know who you can trust. Make your online policies clear and available to shoppers and use trust seals to help allay security fears. Reducing cart abandonment is sometimes as easy as letting visitors know they’re in good hands.


Reducing Cart Abandonment with Technological Witchcraft

Once upon a time, returning the sparks of life to where they’ve long been gone was an affair reserved for stormy, lightning-flecked nights, haunted mansions, and mad scientists. There’s no need to worry, the sales you revitalize aren’t going to be clamoring for brains. In ecommerce, reviving a ‘dead’ sale is much less necromancy and much more tech savvy.

Email remarketing is the single most effective channel for recapturing interest and bringing the sales effort back to life. However, it’s usually best to act fast. By making contact with lost shoppers within the first hour of abandonment, you’ll get them to the cart before rigor mortis sets in and the save the sale.

Using Your Mistakes to Reduce Cart Abandonment

The ground trembles and, if everything goes according to plan, once-dead shopping carts again shop among the living. Unfortunately, not every remarketing attempt ends in a completed sale and revenue gained. However, just because a shopping cart refuses to return from abandonment, doesn’t make for a failed effort.

With each unconverted cart comes an avalanche of analytics, ready to be picked apart and used to create a better remarketing campaign. Now’s your turn to play mad scientist. Keep your eye’s tuned to the following metrics:

  • Which products were abandoned most often.
  • Average order value of abandoned carts.
  • Which traffic sources converted most and least often.
  • Most popular times for abandonment.

By leveraging these elements and more, you can tweak and personalize your campaigns to reduce cart abandonment even further. By delivering content that’s relevant and stays in-step with user action, you can make a significant impact on your customer base.

With each piece of data, you can make small changes to your strategy. Don’t be afraid try new tactics! Even the most famous mad scientists need a few attempts to get things right (We’re looking at you, Dr. Frankenstein).

With some extra care and the right ingredients, you can bring your abandoned shopping carts back from the dead to do your bidding. For more information on reducing cart abandonment and increasing revenue, contact UpSellit about a remarketing campaign.

Unfortunately, outside of shopping carts, we have no real power to raise the dead… yet. Happy Halloween!


Written by Bryan Gudmundson

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