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As we enter the final month of the year, now is a great time to step back and take a look at what you’ve accomplished over the past twelve months. More than any other time of the year, December is when it’s most important to evaluate what your company did right this year and, more importantly, what you can do better next year. In today’s blog, we’re going to follow a hypothetical user through an e-commerce website to take a look at an idea that has been gaining traction with businesses of all sizes year over year. As our customer moves through the conversion funnel and abandons from each stage, we’ll focus on potential customer recovery opportunities available at each step.

Scenario 1: A User Bounces
Depending on the type of website you manage, average bounce rates can run anywhere from 20 to 90%, meaning this first scenario is likely all-too-familiar for many of you. Suppose a user lands on your website and leaves without digging any further into your content. Although the user’s stay was brief, the visit is far from worthless.

Solution – Abandonment Survey: By installing software that detects website abandonment, you can approach a visitor before they leave the page and get to know your lead a little better. By offering an incentive in exchange for answering a short series of branching questions, you can learn more about the user’s expectations and desires. With the collected information, you can shape your landing pages more effectively to reduce bounce rates and create remarketing campaigns around specific user intents. With each survey opt-in, a bounced user becomes a fresh, informative lead.

Scenario 2: A User Browses Products and Abandons
By pairing an appealing set of landing pages with carefully considered navigational tools, your site will move customers past the bounce and onto product pages. Here begins the sales pitch; it’s up to you and your content to convince the customer to make a purchase or at the very least, add an item to their shopping cart. Unfortunately, no matter how good your product pages are, not every customer is going to buy something. So, what do you do with customers abandoning product pages?

Solution – Exit Email Capture: Install a software solution that detects imminent product abandonment and prompts the user with a lightbox display as they move to exit your site. Use this opportunity to request the user’s email address in exchange for some type of incentive, usually either a 10% discount, a freebie of some sort, or a deal on shipping costs. Test different types of incentives against each other to achieve optimal results.

As a user moves through product pages on your site, they’re fulfilling what’s known as the “research phase” of the purchasing process. By engaging a user here and collecting an email address, you’ll be able to stay at the forefront of their mind and the top of their inbox while they advance to the consideration phase of the purchase process.

Scenario 3: A User Abandons an Active Shopping Cart
So far, our hypothetical customer is moving right along the conversion funnel and it seems as though he or she is about to make a purchase. In this scenario, however, our imaginary customer follows in the footsteps of 70% of visitors who reach the shopping cart and abandon. Fortunately, there’s a solution to reduce cart abandonment.

Solution – Abandonment Chat: While not every shopper is determined to make a purchase by the time they reach the shopping cart, many express clear intent. For those customers who aren’t doing a little window shopping, the issue that spurs on abandonment is typically something easily addressed by basic customer service. An automated chat agent is the perfect tool for providing customer service to the masses with exceptionally low overhead. In a recent case study with, UpSellit found that nearly 50% of questions asked to automated chat agents are regarding either product, policy, or shipping concerns. By arming an automated chat engine with answers to these common questions, you can cast away user doubt and generate additional conversions.

Scenario 4: A User Proceeds to Checkout and Abandons
With only checkout remaining, our customer is only a few clicks of the “submit” button away from completing a purchase. At this final stage of the conversion funnel, an average of 43.7% of users complete their order. The 56.3% of users that abandon usually do so when faced with some obstruction. Here, customer engagement and recovery is crucial. For abandoning customers, there are a few potential solutions.

Solution A – Email ReMarketing: Users that abandon the checkout process typically do so after moving through a few pages of the form. Information left behind is sometimes enough to initiate an intelligent, personalized email remarketing campaign that will entice the user to return and finish their purchase. By leveraging customer name, cart contents, and other pieces of data, each email can be customized to perfectly fit the recipient. Instead of watching a lead go cold at the final stages of conversion, initiate a multi-touch email chain to put in the extra attention needed to complete the sale.

Some customers, however, will abandon checkout without making much headway into the process. For these users, there’s a different approach.

Solution B – Pre-Submit Lead Recovery: If a number of customers are abandoning from the first page of checkout without ever submitting an email address, deploying a lead recovery software is the way to go. With a software like Datahound, businesses can collect email addresses the moment they’re input by the user, shedding a dependency on user action. Collected emails can be used to initiate a remarketing campaign that can both retrieve a lost customer and field user opinions to identify the original kink in the checkout form.

For nearly every website abandonment solution, there exists an effective solution. A new year brings a new set of opportunities, so if your team didn’t do everything possible to mitigate the effects of website abandonment, the UpSellit team can have your site on the right path within days. For more information on our solutions and services, contact us.

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