How UpSellit’s Patented Mobile Exit Detection Recovers Online Revenue

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How UpSellit’s Patented Mobile Exit Detection Recovers Online Revenue

Each time a user leaves your website, you lose an opportunity. But what if you could detect when they’re about to leave? Imagine all the ways that you could leverage those crucial last few seconds before they abandon. That’s where UpSellit’s patented Mobile Exit Detection technology comes in.

What is Mobile Exit Detection?

Exit detection refers to monitoring a range of variables to determine when a user will leave your site. Mobile exit detection focuses specifically on mobile users. Having a specific strategy in place for exit intent on mobile is critical, as mobile devices drive 61% of website visits.

When it comes to mobile, traditional exit detection strategies won’t work. Typical exit intent technology relies on tracking mouse movement to determine when a visitor is about to leave. UpSellit’s patented Mobile Exit Detection technology has the capability to detect when a mobile user clicks or scrolls to move backward in a site or out of a site. This intelligent technology allows merchants to steer a mobile user’s experience and ultimately increase conversions.

How Mobile Optimized Exit Detection Helps Merchants

It’s important to have a strategy that turns mobile abandonment into opportunity. Think of UpSellit’s Mobile Exit Detection technology as a safety net. It catches mobile users who decide to abandon, offers them unique ways to optimize their user experience, and gives merchants the chance to capitalize on those crucial moments. Whether you’re incentivizing the shopper to stay and continue their journey or prompting them to provide their contact information to continue the conversation later, no mobile marketing strategy is complete without Mobile Exit Detection technology.

Ways to Use Mobile Exit Detection

There is a variety of abandonment strategies that can be implemented with Mobile Exit Detection technology. These strategies can be tested and combined to suit the unique needs of your business.

  • Offer personalized messaging and incentives: Encourage shoppers to stay, with unique messaging and incentives such as discounts, free shipping, and more.
  • Save customers’ carts: Recover conversions by giving shoppers the option to save their progress for later. This creates a convenient path to purchase for those who may be casually shopping on the go.
  • Grow your email list: Turn visitors into subscribers by launching sign up messaging on shoppers who have demonstrated an interest in your business.
  • Recommend products: Recover otherwise lost sales and give shoppers the opportunity to leave satisfied with their purchase by recommending products that your customers will love.

Best Practices for Mobile Campaigns

When creating mobile exit campaigns, it’s important to remember the unique aspects of the mobile shopping journey. Consider limiting form fields to avoid data-input fatigue. Also, keep in mind that a mobile CTA should be larger as it will likely be clicked with a user’s thumb. Lastly, each exit lightbox should follow design best practices for mobile-friendly conversion strategies to ensure a seamless user experience.


UpSellit’s Mobile Exit Detection technology fills an important gap in conversion strategies by preventing leads from slipping away. With this intelligent technology in place, a variety of customizable campaigns can be implemented to help you recover online revenue.

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