IPMA’s Announce UpSellit as Nominee for ‘Best Performance Marketing Technology’

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Founded in 2007, the Performance Marketing Awards set out to recognize UK businesses that exemplified performance marketing innovation and excellence. Now going on 12 years, the Performance Marketing Awards have evolved to include international recognition for businesses producing incredible work around the globe. Among those being recognized at the 2018 International Performance Marketing Awards (IPMA’s), UpSellit can be found as a nominee for ‘Best Performance Marketing Technology’.

What makes UpSellit an example of marketing technology innovation?

In 2017, UpSellit’s breakthrough technology optimized the online purchase journey, providing a seamless, convenient, and consistent shopping experience. Not limited to a specific industry, UpSellit is able to provide a range of services to its clients that boost conversion and customer retention.

The technologies UpSellit provides – FB Cart Messenger, Cart Rebuilder, and Multi-Visit Monitor to name a few – work together to empower advertisers with new insights, in turn personalizing customer experiences and boosting conversions.

Why is ‘Best Performance Marketing Technology’ the right category for UpSellit?

The purpose of the ‘Best Performance Marketing Technology’ award is to recognize ROI-focused innovation that has helped supercharge a client’s performance marketing. UpSellit’s technology does just that. In addition, our technology provides an enormous amount of data, research, and analysis for our clients making our services (in their own way) the gift that keeps on giving.

What criteria are used in evaluating a nominee?

Each nominee undergoes a rigorous evaluation of five separate areas including:

  • Feasibility: How was the viability and desire for the technology determined?
  • Effectiveness: What problem does the technology look to solve and how well does it do it?
  • Adoption: Evidence of client adoption and proven success.
  • Innovation / Uniqueness: What makes the technology so special?

This nomination marks a very exciting time for the company. As the IPMA’s recognize businesses from around the world, the UpSellit team is proud to be included among those that have helped pave the way for successful marketing everywhere. 

The IPMA’s will take place April 24, 2018 in Park Lane, London and will be hosted by Sean Lock. The event will recognize great work from key regions of the USA, MENA, Eastern and Western Europe, & more. Click here for more details on the International Performance Marketing Awards.

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