How to keep competitors from stealing your sales.

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Almost half of your potential customers say they will “gladly switch brands to use a coupon.”

For mobile coupon users, it’s even worse; six in ten.

Why those no-good, two-faced, traitorous customers! Right?

Wrong: Customer loyalty isn’t a right. It’s an asset, which means you have to build it.

And if you’re not building loyalty, your website may be taking buyers to the dance, only to have your competitor take them to the altar.

Your website may be taking buyers to the dance, only to have your competitor take them to the altar. Click To Tweet

Fortunately, there’s an amazing way to build loyalty that has a proven 4000% ROI, nearly double the return on investment of the next most profitable marketing option.**

But first, let’s look at where you may be making your mistake.

You worked so hard to make a great product or service. You made your website so that people can find it. And your traffic is huge. They’re finding you… and abandoning you.

Actually, that’s how it’s supposed to work, now more than ever thanks to the internet. We are all just a few clicks away from becoming an expert on any subject. So we research everything—especially our purchases.

How many tabs do you have open right now because you’re researching something? I personally have a terrible tab crisis researching information for this blog.

Tab addiction: So many tabs, I can’t read my tabs.

Now imagine a consumer found your site first, and your product got them excited, and hungry to learn more. And so they kept your tab and opened another tab. And then another. And another.

Before long, your tab is just a sliver.

And after a few days of research, all the information blurs, and then the now-open tab—your competitor—does what you should have done days ago: It gets their email address.

You’ve likely lost. Even if this consumer finds you again, statistics and human nature are working against you.

Email remarketing is the most powerful tool in your arsenal to turn your site’s visitors into lifelong LOYAL customers. Don’t believe me? Take a look:

Why does it work so well?

  1. It lets you personalize, extend and evolve the conversation with shoppers for far less investment than other communication methods.
  2. It keeps you top of mind.
  3. It lets you earn loyalty through rewards (How about YOU switch a brand preference with a coupon!)

But what about the myth that emails are an unwelcome disturbance? Check out the 2015 results of a survey from MarketingSherpa asking how often, if ever, people like to receive promotional emails:

61% of respondents prefer your emails more than weekly!

A well planned, well-executed email remarketing plan is essential for the long-term growth of any company today. Ask your competitor, who just emailed a coupon to everyone in the country.

Would you like to know more about our techniques and strategies? Contact one of our conversion experts today.


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