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WebMarketing in a digital environment offers a world of head spinning choices. The ability to choose is appealing to consumers, psychology studies have found that humans equate choice with power and control. Our instinctual need for control demands the right to choose, whether it’s between picking breakfast cereals, new computers or the right insurance company. In the marketing realm, a dizzying array of choices poses both a challenge to differentiate and a great opportunity to personalize.
Not personalizing your marketing campaigns in an increasingly digitized world fails to encompass a stronger, more appealing strategy to reach your potential market. A one size fits all, or catch-all theory rarely speaks to consumers these days and certainly doesn’t contribute to a purchase or conversion decision. Non-personlization demonstrates a lack of consideration for your audience’s preferences and relies on a get lucky strategy, to by chance reach someone that will want to buy into your business, product or service.
Digital technology offers a wonderful opportunity personalization, in learning about your target market in order to tailor your marketing messages and plans to speak directly to their inherent psychological behaviors. Digital data information allows you to target websites, forms, emails, content and calls to action to reach consumers in their locations according to their needs and desires. 
A more tailored marketing experience makes a potential customer feel like they aren’t receiving what everyone else is getting, it induces a feeling that they are really being spoken to personally and contributes to their overall need for control. When your market feels like they are receiving tailored messages they are more inclined to feel like they are being listened to, and as a result they are more engaged and more likely to feel a sense of control in the process.
Personalization also helps to minimize overwhelming information overload which the vast digital market can bring about. Personalization provides a more reasonable framework for sorting through information as customers are presented with the exact information they are looking for.
In short, understanding the psychology of personalization in marketing can set your business ahead in the market by providing you with more comprehensive and engaging strategies to reach your customers.

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