Expanding Your Email Remarketing Reach Beyond the Shopping Cart

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Email remarketing has proven itself to be a highly effective solution for recovering abandoned carts. If an online shopper advances to the checkout and abandons after submitting their email address, delivering a series of strategic emails can increase conversions 5-15%.

What can a retailer do when a new consumer hasn’t provided an email address? What can a retailer do when a returning customer doesn’t add items to their cart? In today’s blog, we’re going to talk about implementing email remarketing campaigns earlier in the conversion funnel, from lead collection to email delivery.

Collecting New Leads for Early Email Remarketing

In a retailer’s ideal session, a consumer continues down the conversion funnel towards checkout with a cart full of products. Along the way, the user either creates an account or enters their email address as part of the checkout process. The session ends with a completed transaction and a lead for post-purchase remarketing.

Unfortunately, this represents a mere 3.3% of shopping sessions. The other 96.7% end in abandonment earlier in the process. If you want to remarket with emails, you need to collect a lead before that happens. What can you do to collect a lead before the user abandons?

  • Newsletter Sign-Ups. If a user signs up to receive your newsletter and goes on to abandon within the same session, use that same address as a remarketing lead.
  • Lead Recovery Solutions. Implementing a lead recovery technology, like UpSellit’s PreCapture, allows you to keep email addresses entered early on in the checkout process. With these technologies, you’re no longer dependent on customers clicking the “submit” button and can remarket to consumers who abandon preliminary checkout phases.
  • Email Lightbox. An increasingly popular option, the email lightbox enables retailers to collect email addresses at the moment of abandonment. Though some companies launch lightboxes on site load, we’ve seen better results from leads collected just before users leave.

Multi-Session Abandonment Profiles

Not every customer will interface with your lead-collection facilities. Thankfully, with some intelligent return-visitor detection, you can connect users with their previous sessions even without a log-in. If a user has given you an email address in a previous session and then returns on the same device, you can pair the two sessions together and tie any new browsing behavior to the previously entered address.

Email Remarketing with Data

Although it’s very profitable to remarket using a cart’s contents as an email’s focal point, not every session ends with an active cart. With the leads you’ve collected, it’s time to launch a campaign based heavily around the session data you do have.

  • Products Viewed
    Although a user didn’t add items to the cart, they may have viewed a few products before abandoning. Use this browsing path as a way to populate your message. Include items browsed emails sent to establish relevance.
  • Categories Viewed
    If a user only browsed as far as evaluating product categories, then have specific messaging prepared for each product type. The most effective emails are those that reference the right product–get as close as you can to matching your users’ interest to make the most of each message.
  • Current Promotions
    In the rare instance that users volunteer an email address without browsing further than entrance pages, launch a remarketing effort that reinforces your current promotions. By creating a consistent experience between email and landing page, you can effectively guide interested consumers to your featured products.
  • Real-Time Customers
    Any successful email remarketing campaign doesn’t end after the first message. Keep up with your customers throughout their shopping process. If a user returns to your site organically and browses a little bit further, be sure to make their newly demonstrated level of interest. Pay attention to each lead and actively nurture a sale.

The perfect remarketing email leverages specific data to contact consumers who abandon just before the point of purchase. Unfortunately, this specific information isn’t always available to the retailer after just one session. Stay current with your customers and initiate email remarketing campaigns that grow in-step with your consumers as they volunteer more information with each visit. For more information on dynamic, powerful email remarketing campaigns, contact UpSellit.

Written by Joe Rosenthal

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