Email Remarketing: Basics of Campaign Design

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Each week, we try to tackle industry-wide quandaries or jump head-first into new developments that directly affect the e-commerce realm. Today, however, we’re going to do things a little bit differently: In this blog post, we’re going to peel back the veil and give our readers an insight into a few of the key tenets of designing a successful email remarketing campaign. We’re going to take a look at our focus on efficiency and effectiveness and the proprietary tools we use to meet these requirements.

With each and every client, strive to recover as many otherwise lost sales as possible. To do this, it’s essential that each campaign be efficient. At its very core, an efficient email remarketing campaign reaches as many of the right site visitors as possible.

Lead Recovery – In order to give your campaign its furthest reach, UpSellit employs two proprietary lead recovery tools, PreCapture® and ExitCapture®. When combined, these tools are able to recover leads from customers abandoning at any point in the conversion funnel.

Best deployed on the early stages of checkout, PreCapture® monitors form fields for contact information, collecting it as it’s keyed in. With this solution, even the customers that don’t actively submit their email address can be contacted, giving you another chance to make the sale.

Using advanced abandonment detection technology, ExitCapture® intervenes just before the user exits the page, serving an appropriate incentive in exchange for an email address. When the user submits an email address, the coupon is dispatched immediately and, if the purchase isn’t completed, they’re entered into the remarketing flow.

Segmentation – Of course, it’s not just about sending remarketing messages to visitors, it’s about sending those messages to the right visitors. By taking an in-depth look at site analytics, our campaign managers are able to identify the profile of a store’s ideal buyer. After getting to know the behavior of a likely buyer for each particular site, we create rules based on a strict segmentation engine, which allows us to target only the most valuable potential customers based on dozens of criteria.

This segmentation was demonstrated in our recent work with Easton Sports. Abandoning users were entered into different email remarketing flows dependent on cart activity, point of abandonment, and likelihood of an organic return visit. This segmented approach boosted overall site conversions by 8.55%.

Selecting the candidates for email remarketing is only half the battle. Once we have the right consumers, it’s time to craft the right message. In order for a message to drive conversions, it needs to be both relevant and engaging.

Industry-Leading Creative – Right away, our team of designers gets to work on crafting the perfect layout for each company’s correspondence. Every message is built to fit perfectly with brand identity, incorporating the company’s logo where appropriate and using images that are in-line with the messaging strategy. Each email is designed with readability in mind and naturally draws the eyes through the copy to distinct calls-to-action that will return users to the cart.

Leveraging Customer Profiles – A successful remarketing message addresses the user’s interests specifically, personally, and directly. As a customer moves through a website, they leave a trail of useful information that goes woefully unused by many remarketers. Using this information helps to ensure that each reader gets the right message with the right sales angle.

By dynamically inserting images of products that the user either viewed or placed into the cart directly into each email, each message becomes relevant to user interests at the very first glance. Using contact information collected by PreCapture®, each message can address the reader by name, adding that personal touch that builds brand loyalty and engagement. Finally, incentives can be dynamically scaled based on the order of the products left in the cart, making sure you close the biggest sales with the highest frequency.

‘Efficiency’ and ‘effectiveness’ serve as the foundation for creating a successful email remarketing campaign. Of course, with each unique client comes a unique set of considerations, making the process all the more complex and rewarding. To learn more about what goes into our hand-crafted email remarketing campaigns, get in contact with us and keep your eyes peeled on the blog!


Written by Joe Rosenthal

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