Email Marketing Ideas from Awareness to Purchase

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Email marketing ideas are the building blocks with which a messaging strategy that informs, nurtures and converts shoppers is built. These email marketing ideas are what enable companies to generate personally delivered content to willing readers and effectively raise overall profitability and brand awareness. Today, we’re going to go through the email marketing steps, from awareness to repeat conversion, to … Read More

Email Marketing Ideas That Reduce Product Abandonment

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  Product abandonment is one of the trickiest types of abandonment to diagnose and address. It’s difficult to determine a visitor’s purchase intent when they browse a product or two, but leave your website with an empty shopping cart.     Opportunities to Reduce Product Abandonment Just because product abandonment is difficult to measure doesn’t mean that you should give … Read More

10 Email Marketing Ideas to Test in 2015

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Email marketing ideas should be constantly tested and optimized for your brand. As one of the most powerful channels in marketing, emails are sent en masse to millions of online shoppers everyday. To make your message stand out, new email marketing ideas need to cycled into your campaigns and monitored for efficacy.     Split Testing Email Marketing Ideas There … Read More