UpSellit Announces Integration with Rakuten Advertising

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Rakuten Advertising & UpSellit

UpSellit is pleased to announce its new SPI integration with Rakuten Advertising. Very few partners are given this opportunity, and we’re excited to further our relationship with one of the most distinguished names in Affiliate. Read on to find out more about the SPI integration partnership and what this means for Rakuten Advertising brands.  What is Rakuten Advertising? Rakuten Advertising … Read More

Case Study: Scale Your Affiliate Program with Targeted Incentives

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Case Study: Scale Your Affiliate Program with Targeted Incentives

Effective strategic partnerships are key for driving scalable growth and exceeding KPI targets within an affiliate program. The partnership between UpSellit and Advertise Purple, a leading Affiliate Marketing Agency, has helped numerous clients achieve greater success and thrive, even in uncertain times. To highlight the success of our partnership and demonstrate the efficacy of UpSellit’s solutions, our agencies came together … Read More

4 Types of Market Segmentation to Enhance Campaign Performance

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4 Types of Market Segmentation to Enhance Campaign Performance

What is Market Segmentation? Market segmentation is the process of dividing consumers into smaller groups, allowing for more effective communication with an audience. In ecommerce, creating customer segments makes it easier to speak to the needs of your shoppers, leading to greater personalization and increased conversions.  Why is Segmentation Important?  Like any form of communication, effective marketing relies upon building … Read More

UpSellit Partner Spotlight featuring Everflow

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UpSellit and Everflow

Since 2015, affiliate marketing revenues have increased by 10% year-over-year; experts expect this trend to continue until at least 2021. In the midst of this growth, it’s becoming increasingly crucial for Performance Marketers and Affiliate Managers to effectively track true incremental lift and value of affiliate relationships.  Enter Everflow, a platform developed to address the complex needs of Performance Marketers … Read More

How to Nurture and Engage Shoppers with SMS Marketing

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How to Nurture and Engage Shoppers with SMS Marketing.

A strong SMS marketing strategy is more important than ever before. Marketers love SMS because it offers fast response times and high open rates. Likewise, consumer attitudes have shifted towards SMS marketing. 70% of consumers report having positive feelings towards the medium, and 64% say marketers should use SMS more than they currently do. Of course, while SMS marketing shares … Read More

Ecommerce Strategies to Overcome COVID-19

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Title card for "Ecommerce Strategies to Overcome COVID-19

The impact of COVID-19 on retail has been sudden and fierce. While portions of ecommerce are experiencing success in the midst of social distancing, others are facing significant unforeseen challenges.  As online retailers try to retain a sense of normalcy during a time that’s anything but, we must ask ourselves, “how can marketing adapt?” How can brands stay relevant during … Read More

How to Increase Brand Awareness in a Competitive Landscape

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Title Card for "How to Increase Brand Awareness in a Competitive Landscape

Building brand awareness is a key facet of expanding any ecommerce business. Brand awareness is intricately linked with brand identity – the general perception of your brand in the eyes of consumers at large.  In a world where new ecommerce sites crop up every day, brand awareness allows you to separate yourself from the pack and generate more conversions. But … Read More

Case Study: Creating Value for Subscription Businesses

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Incentive strategies have been a cornerstone of retail from the very beginning. Offering consumers a deal is a surefire way to increase sales and create customer value. However, optimizing an incentive strategy can be a difficult task. Incentives must be leveraged with care to avoid unnecessarily cutting into profit margins.   Some retailers are hesitant to utilize incentive strategies. However, we … Read More

Drake and the Psychology of Free Shipping

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Psychology Free Shipping

Drake, he’s just like us and loves free shipping. The psychology of free shipping is perfectly depicted in the most accurate meme in the history of ecommerce. And admittedly, it resonated a little too much. The desire for free shipping can be explained by consumer psychology. First, let’s start with the why. Why Is Free Shipping Important? Companies like Amazon … Read More

UpSellit delivers turnkey integration with Pepperjam’s Ascend™ platform

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USI + Pepperjam Blog Title Card

UpSellit is excited to announce its new integrated partnership with Pepperjam’s Ascend™ platform. This partnership makes the turnkey integration of UpSellit’s managed conversion optimization possible for Ascend™ brands. What is Pepperjam?  Pepperjam is a leading affiliate marketing technology and service provider that powers growth for marketers seeking a scaled alternative to their primary sales and marketing channels. Ascend™, Pepperjam’s cloud-based … Read More