Drake and the Psychology of Free Shipping

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Psychology Free Shipping

Drake, he’s just like us and loves free shipping. The psychology of free shipping is perfectly depicted in the most accurate meme in the history of ecommerce. And admittedly, it resonated a little too much. The desire for free shipping can be explained by consumer psychology. First, let’s start with the why. Why Is Free Shipping Important? Companies, like Amazon, … Read More

UpSellit delivers turnkey integration with Pepperjam’s Ascend™ platform

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USI + Pepperjam Blog Title Card

UpSellit is excited to announce its new integrated partnership with Pepperjam’s Ascend™ platform. This partnership makes the turnkey integration of UpSellit’s managed conversion optimization possible for Ascend™ brands. What is Pepperjam?  Pepperjam is a leading affiliate marketing technology and service provider that powers growth for marketers seeking a scaled alternative to their primary sales and marketing channels. Ascend™, Pepperjam’s cloud-based … Read More

Improving Campaigns with UpSellit’s Q1 Webinar

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UpSellit’s first ever webinar, “Leveraging Q1 Holidays to Create Ecommerce Strategies,” is now available to watch anytime. In this Q1 holiday overview, UpSellit emphasizes the importance of seasonal marketing in the ever-changing ecommerce space. Among the topics covered are:  -Why seasonal marketing is more relevant than ever -How seasonal marketing can be used to enhance your campaigns -Examples of successful … Read More

Leveraging 2020 Ecommerce Trends to Improve Strategies

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Leveraging 2020 Ecommerce Trends to Improve Strategies

Leveraging ecommerce trends to optimize your site is more vital than ever. As online retail continues to evolve, the ever-changing landscape presents new opportunities, as well as fresh challenges. First the positive: Online retail is poised for monumental growth in the new decade. Forecasters have predicted that annual ecommerce sales will hit $4.5 trillion by the end of 2021, 300% … Read More

Recover Lost Sales With Back in Stock Emails

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Out of stock items cost retailers nearly $1 trillion ever year. Running out of a popular product can cost ecommerce sites hundreds, or even thousands of conversions. Fortunately, there is a simple solution to these situations that can mitigate stock issues: Back in stock emails. This solution has two parts. First, when a shopper encounters an out of stock item, … Read More

Boosting Sales with a Tiered Coupon Strategy

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Do larger incentives always lead to more conversions? That’s the question we explore in UpSellit’s new case study, “Golden Opportunities: Increasing Conversions 5% With Tiered Incentives”. As you probably know, incentives are a tried and true way of engaging abandoning shoppers. That being said, settling on an optimized incentive often proves challenging. As with any retailer, you want to find … Read More

4 Reasons Advanced Product Recommendations Mean More Revenue

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4 Reasons Advanced Product Recommendations Mean More Revenue title card

Product recommendations are one of the most important tools that your site has. They have the power to increase conversions, engagement, and average order value. However, poorly executed product recommendations can irritate shoppers and create unnecessary friction in the conversion flow. To ensure your recommendations are consistently excellent, one of the best options is a product recommendation engine.  A product … Read More

How to Combat Price Sensitivity Using Price Drop Alerts

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How to Combat Price Sensitivity Using Price Drop Alerts

In ecommerce, we know that people abandon for a variety of reasons. Some consumers become distracted, some are chronic window shoppers, and some just don’t want to pay for shipping. However, one of the most common reasons for abandonment is perhaps the simplest: price sensitivity.  Price sensitivity is friction to conversion that results from concerns about a product’s price. While … Read More

Everything You Need to Know About GDPR and Brexit

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*Updated October 31, 2019 – Brexit will take effect on January 31, 2020* How Did We Get Here? In June of 2016, the people of Great Britain voted to leave the European Union. “Brexit” as it’s come to be known, is scheduled to take effect on October 31, 2019. While it was initially thought a formal withdrawal agreement would be negotiated, … Read More