The 5 Types of Online Shoppers You Need to Understand

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Online shopping has literally changed the way people do business. Customers around the world can shop for nearly anything from nearly anywhere. Just as shopping has changed, so have shoppers. Ecommerce allows consumers to purchase products in ways that would have been difficult or impossible in the past. For example, comparison shopping used to require hours of time and driving … Read More

Control Groups: An Effective Way to Measure Campaign Success

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In business, there is nothing more exciting than seeing the impact or growth that a new campaign generates. Whether the goals are engagement, sales, or lead generation, the excitement still translates. However, how are you to measure the results if there aren’t any factors to test against? Well, that’s where control groups comes into to play. What is a control … Read More

Behavioral Segmentation Saved Email Marketing

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Behavioral segmentation is a marketing tactic where consumers are divided into separate groups and delivered unique content based on the actions they’ve performed in the past. When it comes to email marketing ideas, behavioral segmentation brings endless possibilities that boost every metric from open rate to conversion rate. “Email is dead!” is the mantra among marketers who haven’t found success … Read More