An Effectual CTA, Part 2: Taking Notes From Pros

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A call-to-action is meant to be effectual, but as the saying goes, “actions speak louder than words.” Are your shoppers clicking “Complete Purchase!” or are they clicking the “X” and getting out of dodge?
Let’s dial back for a second…In our last post, we went over the recipe that cooks up a truly delectable call-to-action. In today’s post, we will take a look at ecommerce shops who perfect the triad of purpose, beauty, and intelligibility in their CTA employment.

1. Treehouse

CTA: ”Claim Your Free Trial”
While this CTA might not immediately jump out as “breaking the mold”, it delivers the right information to their intended audience. When a user arrives at Treehouse, they arrive with a curiosity to learn a new skill, to launch a new career – to make changes that really affect their lives.
Treehouse words their CTA very carefully, creating a sense of urgency that caters to the impulse that their audience has. Instead of simply saying ‘Start a Free Trial’, by warmly encouraging to ‘Claim Your Free Trial’, they are serving the right messaging for user’s who are looking to make a tangible change in their lives. “Claim” rather than “Start”, might seem like a small difference, but it’s powerful.
It might seem a little nitpicky, but the difference in wording is often the difference between an interested site visitor who loses interest or an interested site visitor who claims their free trial.

2. Evernote

CTA: “Sign Up For Free”
The beauty of Evernote’s CTA is in its simplicity. The landing page is clean and states Evernote’s benefits clearly with the headline ‘Remember Everything’.
There are only two fields to fill out, an email address and a password, making it extremely easy for users to create an account. The button itself jumps out from the background using Evernote’s bright green. Finally, by stating ‘Sign Up For Free’, the button reassures any prospects who might be skeptical of getting charged to use it.


3. Basecamp

CTA: “Use my Google account”
Basecamp’s call-to-action is a great example of a CTA that is so easy, it’s hard NOT to sign up. The actual form is simple, if signing up without a Google account. But by providing the option of one-click registration, a sign up via Google account, makes the process of conversion quick and painless.
As a platform that helps people collaborate, Basecamp highlights its benefits with a very digestible graphic depicting a team having problems working together. Basecamp’s CTA is a fantastic example of employing humor but not at the expense of intelligibility.

Passing the Mic to You

There you have it! These 3 CTA’s all blend purpose, beauty & intelligibility to deliver the right message to their audience. What CTA’s have you come across that get it right? What characteristics made you stop & take notes? Share!

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