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This week, the team here at UpSellit released a new case study outlining our work with MGECOM and their expansive roster of advertisers. In today’s A Look Inside…, we’re going to evaluate the campaigns we designed and give some insight as to why they generated great results. While today’s post doesn’t assume that you’ve read the full case study, we highly recommend going through it for some valuable industry information on reducing website abandonment and recovering lost conversions.

First, we’ll take a look at the study in brief:
site abandonment

The Study: Recovering Lost Revenue

MGECOM provides Affiliate Program Management for a wide variety of clients, fostering relationships between advertisers, publishers, and traffic optimization specialists to generate maximum revenue for all parties involved. When MGECOM approached UpSellit looking to provide advertisers with highly effective site abandonment solutions, we knew that meeting the needs of their extremely diverse clientèle would make for a complex, but rewarding challenge.

UpSellit’s team of Abandonment Experts immediately started analyzing web traffic and user behavior patterns for dozens of businesses. By working directly with advertisers, UpSellit develops abandonment engagement strategies that mirror each company’s corporate identity and branding. Each campaign utilizes custom iterations of UpSellit technologies from the Abandonment Suite and focuses on targeting the most potentially valuable segments of high-risk traffic.

The Results: Abandonment Reduced

Although the campaigns employed a wide variety of strategies, the results were overwhelmingly positive across the board:

  • On average, Abandonment Chat converted around 36% of all users that interfaced with the SmartAgent®.
  • PreCapture® recovered email addresses from 32% of all users abandoning from monitored pages.
  • Emails delivered by QuickConnect® had an open rate of 51% and an average sales rate of 23%.

No matter the industry, UpSellit’s 100% pay-per-performance custom solutions generated significantly positive results for all advertisers.
site abandonment

Why it Worked: Custom Abandonment Solutions

Now that we’ve covered the very basics of our work with MGECOM, let’s dive a little deeper into the specifics.
Analysis-Driven Segmentation
The foundation of every campaign developed by UpSellit is behavioral information gathered from extensive analyses of client websites. Getting familiar with browsing patterns and building detailed user profiles allows us to hone in specifically on segments that:

  • Abandon frequently.
  • Are unlikely to return organically.

With this information, UpSellit built campaigns for each of MGECOM’s advertisers that focused on recovering revenue where abandonments happened most frequently, ensuring that the maximum number of conversions were recovered. By targeting users that demonstrated a low probability of a return visit, UpSellit generated conversions from sources that would’ve otherwise never completed the process.

By leveraging cart contents, visitor history, and site performance metrics, UpSellit designs campaigns that target precisely and deploy intelligently to complement sales efforts instead of substitute.
Abandonment Chat Customization
With campaigns precisely targeting potentially profitable customers, the next step is to ensure that each solution performs optimally. To maximize relevance and engagement, each iteration of Abandonment Chat is programmed with 50 to 100 custom answers matched to individual clients. In conjunction with our sophisticated natural language parsing engine, customized answers ensure that each client can provide their visitors with quick answers to common questions.

By delivering information to consumers directly, users no longer needed to leave a page to satisfy curiosity. Abandonment Chat solutions also create a dynamic database of insight to the user experience. With access to full chat transcripts and statistics, MGECOM’s advertisers can see exactly what information needs to be made more prevalent on the site and where users are dropping off most frequently.
Dynamic Deals
ExitCapture® engages abandoning users in real-time and offers a purchasing incentive in exchange for an email address. What made this solution particularly effective with MGECOM advertisers is its flexibility. Each ExitCapture® deployed was customized to launch to abandoning users who would likely purchase given a small incentive. These coupons matched each client’s business model to generate maximum revenue.

Additionally, our creative team designs the ExitCapture® imagery to be compelling and to match the branding of clients, making for a seamless browsing experience. 48% of targeted of all users targeted ended up volunteering email addresses, creating an entirely new subset of marketable leads.

For more information on our work with MGECOM, read through the full case study. The study gives a detailed look at our campaign development process and documents the process of creating dozens of campaigns for a group of unique clients.


Written by Bryan Gudmundson

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