4 Strategies That Reduce Mobile Abandonment

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4 Strategies to Reduce Mobile Abandonment

The rapid rise of mobile shopping has been nothing short of astounding. Just a decade ago, shopping on a mobile device was relatively new and accounted for very few conversions. As of 2019, mobile shopping accounts for nearly ⅓ of all ecommerce purchases. Giving consumers the ability to shop anytime, anywhere is great for retailers, but it comes with a … Read More

8 On-Site Strategies To Grow Your Email List

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Why is it Important to Grow Your List? In ecommerce, we talk a lot about how to grow your email list. It’s possible you’ve wondered at some point: “Is my email list really that important?”  “Shouldn’t I be focusing on conversions instead of leads?”  Although generating conversions will always be your main goal, leads pave the way for conversions and … Read More

4 Ways to Capture Leads Without Offering an Incentive

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4 Ways to Capture Leads Without Offering an Incentive

Effectively capturing new-to-file leads is one of the most important aspects of growing an ecommerce business. However, while incentive strategies are frequently used to collect leads, they’re not always the most cost-effective way to expand your list. That’s why it’s important to have strategies in place that allow you to capture leads without incentives. Why is Lead Capture So Important?  … Read More

7 On-Site Optimizations that Maximize Affiliate Traffic Performance

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Affiliate programs are an integral part of the success for many top performers in ecommerce. Every day, new partners join affiliate networks to increase traffic volume and push their brand forward. However, in order to improve affiliate program performance, it’s often necessary shift focus from gaining traffic to converting traffic. Improve Affiliate Program Performance with On-Site Optimization While affiliate marketing … Read More

The Research Behind Effective Email Send Times

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If you ask 100 marketers “What’s the most effective email send time?” –  you’re likely to get 100 different answers. The debate about the perfect time/day for email sends is as old as email marketing itself.  In the past, dozens of studies have tried to nail down the “golden hour” for optimizing opens and click-throughs. However, results from studies have … Read More

4 Types of Market Segmentation to Enhance Campaign Performance

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4 Types of Market Segmentation to Enhance Campaign Performance

What is Market Segmentation? Market segmentation is the process of dividing consumers into smaller groups, allowing for more effective communication with an audience. In ecommerce, creating customer segments makes it easier to speak to the needs of your shoppers, leading to greater personalization and increased conversions.  Why is Segmentation Important?  Like any form of communication, effective marketing relies upon building … Read More

How to Nurture and Engage Shoppers with SMS Marketing

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How to Nurture and Engage Shoppers with SMS Marketing.

A strong SMS marketing strategy is more important than ever before. Marketers love SMS because it offers fast response times and high open rates. Likewise, consumer attitudes have shifted towards SMS marketing. 70% of consumers report having positive feelings towards the medium, and 64% say marketers should use SMS more than they currently do. Of course, while SMS marketing shares … Read More

5 Steps to the Perfect Email Preheader

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5 Steps to the Perfect Preheader

When we discuss optimizing email open rates, we often turn our attention to subject lines rather than email preheaders. While they’re often overlooked, preheaders are a valuable tool. They provide space to more effectively communicate why users should engage with your email. Though subject lines are often the first to grab a user’s attention, the preheader can create a perfect one-two … Read More

7 Simple Strategies to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

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What is Shopping Cart Abandonment? In ecommerce, the term abandonment refers to when a shopper leaves a webpage without completing the desired action. One of the most prevalent types of abandonment is shopping cart abandonment, which refers to users who create a virtual shopping cart, but leave before completing their order.   High cart abandonment rates have historically presented a major … Read More