5 Real-Time Marketing Solutions that Increase Conversions

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Real-time marketing solutions deliver personalized conversion experiences. They react to visitor behavior and align with customer expectations in order to deliver the right message at the right time. So, how do you create an effective real-time marketing solution for your online business? It’s not easy, but we think ecommerce marketers can learn a lot from TV sitcoms.

There are many factors that create a successful sitcom, but one common characteristic among them is the inclusion of a laugh track. A laugh track brings the theatre experience to your living room and creates (artificial) social reinforcement that the show is funny. Even though the ‘laff box’ technology was created in 1956, it’s still highly effective and in use today.
The same way television networks use laugh tracks to simulate a live performance, your ecommerce site needs to use real-time marketing solutions to simulate a real brick and mortar shopping experience. Any opportunity to engage with your shopper in a meaningful way will always be an effective selling tool.
This video by Google Analytics hilariously highlights the problems that come with bad customer service. If you wouldn’t treat a customer like that in real life, don’t do it online either!
Your e-commerce site should be employing real-time marketing to increase conversions and reduce site abandonment. In this post, we’ll look at TV land tropes that can help you simulate a real life shopping experience with your ecommerce shoppers.

Real-Time Marketing Solution #1: Be a Friendly Neighbor

Wilson, the next door neighbor on Home Improvement, was one of the few characters capable of talking some sense into Tim-the-toolman-Taylor.  
friendly neighbor
Wilson was calm, helpful, thoughtful and friendly. The tone and consideration of your on-site marketing can be the difference between a welcomed conversation with Wilson or an uninvited visit from Urkel.
Treat your online shoppers like a new neighbor. If you were a restaurant owner and your new neighbor came in, wouldn’t you send them a little something from the chef? Discount their meal? Try letting your site visitors know that their patronage matters to you by offering them a personalized incentive.
UpSellit’s Precise Promotions enable online marketers to deliver highly personalized incentives to specific traffic segments at specific stages of the purchase process. By providing relevant incentives at opportune times, you are building a neighborly relationship that creates customer loyalty and increased profitability.

Real-Time Marketing Solution #2: Understand Your Audience

curbIt took me a long time to appreciate the cringe-worthy interactions Larry David constantly created in Curb Your Enthusiasm.
He’s constantly getting fixated on one idea and completely ignoring the perspective of the people around him. When it comes to your real-time marketing solutions, you want to avoid this perspective at all costs. Your online shoppers won’t stick around long enough to find it endearing.
Vicarious embarrassment is a real condition; its presence threatens social integrity, which is one of the top motivating factors in decision-making and brand loyalty.
We have all experienced the salesperson shout-out: the second you walk in to a store, the sales rep lets you know about EVERY ongoing sale. It’s too much information and they don’t even know what you’re interested in.
An effective sales rep learns a little bit about their customer before trying to sell them. They ask if you are looking for something in particular or shopping for a specific event. They observe your behavior and appearance to help inform their sales strategy.
Real-time marketing should work the same way. UpSellit’s Real-Time Recommendations consider visitor details such as geo-location, device and traffic source along with session data such as click path and time on site to determine the most effective product recommendation.

Real-Time Marketing Solution #3: Say Yes to the Saved Carts

Whether you’re choosing a wedding dress or an outfit for a night out, purchase decisions can be really stressful.
Bride's fear...
Think about how Randy from ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ handles the roller coaster of emotion and the massive number of available dresses! Randy is no fool; he saves all the dresses he pulled out because he is trying to save time (and avoid a bridezilla meltdown!)
Saving shopping carts on your e-commerce site is necessary; it saves shoppers time. If I was seven dresses deep in a brick and mortar store, but realized I needed to go the ATM before the purchase, the sales rep would absolutely save my items until I returned. I wouldn’t need to go back, select each dress, size and color before completing my purchase.
Almost every site uses cookies to save a user’s cart, but shoppers will often browse on one device and make their purchase on another. Since cookies don’t work cross-platform, UpSellit’s Cart Preserver is an excellent way to save a user’s cart on any device.
Cart Preserver engages visitors at the moment of site abandonment with a window that offers to save their shopping cart in exchange for an email address. Once the email is collected, a complete list of their selections is immediately delivered to their inbox.

Real-Time Marketing Solution #4: Tell Your Customer You Have What They Want

If there’s one thing that I learned from Carrie Bradshaw, it’s that the perfect pair of shoes can change your life.
Woman's legs Every girl knows the desperate feeling of a store running out of her size.
My mom has said it, your mom has said it – you simply cannot force the shoe to fit!
If an item on your e-commerce site has sold out, the best thing you can do is collect your shopper’s email address to notify them when it’s back in stock; this dialogue builds trust and facilitates a relationship for a potential conversion.
Utilize UpSellit’s Availability Alerts to ask for an email address from shoppers who view a sold-out product. Their Stock Sync technology automatically monitors the product’s availability and automatically notifies the shopper when the item is restocked.
Back in stock emails tell your customers that you know what they want and you are doing everything you can to give it to them.
Believe me, I want the shoes. I really want the shoes and I’m willing to give out my email address to get them.

Real-time Marketing Solution #5: Know When Your Customer Needs Assistance

Everyone’s favorite teenage psychic, Raven, would have visions of problematic situations. The episodes would unfold as she did everything in her power to make sure that problem was avoided.
You might not be an adorable teenage psychic with visions, but you can be a smart e-commerce site owner with Live Chat. Upsellit’s Sales Chat predicts the exact moment of site abandonment and initiates a sales chat conversion.
Hold on, I’m having two horrible visions…
Answering multiple calls at the same time1.You have your shopper on your website, sitting at their computer or on their mobile device and then you interrupt the path to conversion by making them call the Support Center.
2. Your eager shopper is dialing the support center… and it’s CLOSED!
What a disaster. Having a 24/7 Live Chat option like Upsellit’s Advanced SmartAgent opens up your e-commerce site to potential conversions in all time zones, at any time of day. Live Chat is not only more convenient than support centers, but it’s also more cost efficient.
When employing real-time marketing solutions, remember what you are aiming to do: attract and occupy your shoppers’ attention. From a friendly discount, to being readily available to answer any question your shopper may have, engage and go the distance necessary to align with your customer’s needs.
If you’d like to learn more about how you can engage your shoppers with UpSellit’s real-time marketing solutions, contact UpSellit!

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