4 Ways to Capture Leads Without Offering an Incentive

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4 Ways to Capture Leads Without Offering an Incentive

High quality lead capture strategies are important. Why? Because having a customer’s email is powerful. But how do you capture leads without offering an incentive?

 A well-developed email list expands your customer base and is an incredible asset. It allows for effective remarketing, and builds customer loyalty. Best of all, you won’t have to spend a dime on placement. That’s power. 

For many companies, the best way to beef up an email list is with a simple incentive. For example:

“Enter Your Email and Receive: 20% Off/Free Shipping/A Mystery Gift/An Exotic Cheese Platter” – etc…

Inboxed incentives are a staple of ecommerce. They’re simple, effective, and create a mutual benefit. However, offering an incentive isn’t the only way to utilize lead capture. Let’s look at 4 ways to capture leads without offering an incentive.

1. Invoke a Sense of Exclusivity

Country clubs. Speakeasy bars. Secret organizations. An air of exclusivity instantly adds an element of attractiveness to a group. Psychologically, most people want to be a part of something “exclusive” and “for members only.” This is your chance to fill that need.

Try thinking of your list as a club – not just a string of email addresses. Customers love feeling like they’re part of a small, elite group.

Even if your list has thousands of subscribers, make the user feel special. Terms like “insider” and “in the know” help communicate this feeling, even without promising an incentive. 

Offer “first looks” and “exclusive access” to upcoming products. Tell users they’ll be “the first to know about new lines/collections/updates.”

2. Send Back-In-Stock Notifications

Speaking of exclusivity, people tend to want what they know they can’t have. When a product sells out, that would normally entail a lost conversion. Instead, you can offer to alert the customer when stock is replenished. Not only will you recover the conversion, you’ll build you list. It’s a twofer. 

Availability Alerts combine urgency, fear-of-missing-out, and powerful list-building. They keep customers engaged and set the stage for long-term email remarketing.

3. Allow Customers to Save Their Cart

Cart abandonment has always been a problem. Abandonment rates are averaging at 68% across industries. This is partly due to widespread lack of purchasing intent.  

Often, ecommerce customers aren’t browsing with the explicit intention of ordering. They’re doing digital window shopping. That’s where Save Your Cart notifications come in.

Similarly to availability alerts, Save Your Cart notifications accomplish two things at once. They help recover a conversion while adding to your list. They offer added convenience and personalization to the shopping experience. Plus, they assist your lead capture and conversion efforts. 

4. Offer to Send Personalized Product Recommendations

As we’ve discussed before, product recommendations delight customers and drive conversions without incentives. You can take that one step further by offering personalized product recommendations sent directly to a customer’s inbox.

Start by creating a short questionnaire. It doesn’t need to be long, but it should ask enough questions to create high quality recommendations.

This strategy can be especially useful for helping customers buy gifts. Create a questionnaire for customers to input information about a gift recipient’s likes and dislikes. You can then tailor your recommendations to the responses.

This creates a win-win. You help customers find an ideal gift while increasing engagement and building your list.

Building Your List

Creating effective lead capture strategies doesn’t have to be expensive. By actively engaging customers, you’ll increase intent and grow your list. Want to learn more about the strategies in this post? Contact one of UpSellit’s friendly Conversion Specialists at Hello@UpSellit.com.

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