Checkout Abandonment Is Not Shopping Cart Abandonment

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Checkout Abandonment Reasons

  Checkout abandonment and shopping cart abandonment are not the same thing. In an industry that’s built on research and testing, there’s no place for imprecise terminology. At UpSellit, we believe it’s important to clearly identify and label the problems we aim to fix so we’re dedicating this week’s article to the importance of the difference between checkout abandonment and … Read More

3 Shipping Tactics that Reduce Cart Abandonment

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Reducing cart abandonment isn’t always a matter of optimizing your shopping cart design. A significant percentage of cart abandonment is simply due to last minute increases in cost; the most common offender being shipping costs. $9.40 — What does this price tag look like to you? Your average lunch? A few gallons of gas?     According to a 2014 … Read More

What Is a Remarketing Email?

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A remarketing email is a targeted and personalized message that convinces otherwise lost customers to complete their purchase. It enables marketers a second chance at converting the site visitors who abandoned before converting. When implemented intelligently, an email remarketing campaign can increase overall conversions by as much as 25%.     A few weeks ago, we took a trip back … Read More

Email Marketing Ideas from Awareness to Purchase

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Email marketing ideas are the building blocks with which a messaging strategy that informs, nurtures and converts shoppers is built. These email marketing ideas are what enable companies to generate personally delivered content to willing readers and effectively raise overall profitability and brand awareness. Today, we’re going to go through the email marketing steps, from awareness to repeat conversion, to … Read More

What Is a Cart Abandonment Email?

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Cart abandonment emails convert shoppers who abandon with a series of targeted remarketing emails. If you asked yourself, ‘What is remarketing?’ then check out our previous article. Once you’ve spent some time in the business of conversion optimization and reducing site abandonment, it’s easy to forget how foreign all of the industry particulars seem from the outside. Today, we’re going … Read More