5 Clever Features that Reduce Cart Abandonment

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Reducing cart abandonment isn’t always as straightforward as improving load times or tactfully placing security symbols. The shopping cart is a complicated middle ground between user experience and merchant utility. Any tactic employed to reduce cart abandonment needs to add to the shopping experience while giving worthwhile value to the vendor–a tricky balance to maintain. Fortunately, ecommerce is a quickly … Read More

How to Optimize Each Type of Checkout

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Different types of checkout have different strengths and weaknesses. Whether you have a single page checkout, a multi-page checkout, or an accordion checkout, there are opportunities to seize and hurdles to overcome. Previously, we’ve done an overview of each type of checkout that demonstrated the strengths of each layout when done right. Those overviews are full of helpful information and, … Read More

Reduce Cart Abandonment with Chat Support

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chat support

  Reducing cart abandonment feels like a balancing act as you try to analyze and control every shopper-facing variable. From the color of your calls-to-action to the load-time of each page, each little thing has a big impact on conversion rates. While you can spend weeks testing different aesthetics to make a big impact on your site’s conversion rate, it’s … Read More