10 Email Marketing Ideas to Test in 2015

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email marketing ideas

Email marketing ideas should be constantly tested and optimized for your brand. As one of the most powerful channels in marketing, emails are sent en masse to millions of online shoppers everyday. To make your message stand out, new email marketing ideas need to cycled into your campaigns and monitored for efficacy.     Split Testing Email Marketing Ideas There … Read More

Checkout Page Analysis: The One-Page Checkout

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checkout page analysis

  Checkout pages are often the cause of boredom and confusion. To collect marketing information, vendors layer pages and pages of form fields into their checkouts, leaving the customer with a bloated, drawn-out process that’s much easier to abandon than complete. To reduce checkout abandonment rates, some vendors opt to cut out unnecessary steps between cart and conversion by including … Read More

Checkout Process Analysis: The Accordion Checkout

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The checkout process typically falls into three categories: single page, multi-page, and accordion. Last week, we analyzed three popular apparel sites’ multi-page checkout processes and outlined their strengths and weaknesses. In today’s post we’re analyzing the newly popular accordion checkout process. The Accordion Checkout Process The accordion checkout, as the name suggests, resembles an accordion in its expanding design. This … Read More

Checkout Abandonment Analysis: The Multi-Page Checkout

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Checkout abandonment is a problem that keeps ecommerce vendors biting their nails while analysts crunch numbers. Everyone’s trying to figure out why 56.3% of shoppers terminate their session moments before converting. As the result of thousands of trials and errors, three primary types of checkout flows have surfaced as popular favorites. These are, The Multi-Page Checkout The Accordion Checkout The … Read More