Trust, Abandonment Solutions, and Social Proofing

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There isn’t a single, one-size-fits-all solution to site abandonment. It’s a multi-faceted issue that’s influenced by a wide range of factors. While there may not be a singular cure to abandonment, there are certainly ways to treat it. Today we’re going to talk about how abandonment solutions and social networks can work together to create a powerful customer recovery strategy. … Read More

Using Abandonment Chat’s Transcripts to Boost Conversions

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abandonment chat

  There is no such thing as a useless piece of data. Marketers spend tens of thousands on analytics engines that interpret session behavior to predict what a customer is thinking. However, this information is readily available in the conversation transcripts from an Abandonment Chat campaign from UpSellit. With each Abandonment Chat engagement consumers provide the reasons they were leaving. … Read More