Email Remarketing: Segmentation Basics

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Email Segmentation

Email remarketing is an e-commerce strategy that has rapidly gained popularity due to its effectiveness in generating conversions. With proper forethought and a good dose of creativity, an email remarketing campaign creates a longer, more complete shopping experience for the consumer, offering causeways to purchase at multiple points along the conversion funnel. However, as is the case with nearly every … Read More

Alternative Payment Methods and Checkout Abandonment

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Last week, international Airline KLM announced a new method of booking flights, making changes to reservations, and making payments. The company will now serve customers who interact with the company via private message on social media outlets Twitter and Facebook. To accept payment from these social consumers, specialized representatives dispatch customized URLs that direct customers to unique checkout pages. While … Read More

4 Email Remarketing Tips You’ve Never Heard Before

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email remarketing tips

In the last few years, email remarketing has become an essential piece of any successful marketing campaign. A quick search online will pull up a number of guides that outline the basics of formulating a healthy, successful messaging strategy. However, with email remarketing, the little details are often what set you apart from competitors. Keeping that in mind, today’s blog … Read More

Tomorrow’s Shipping Technologies and Today’s Best Practices

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By now, you’ve surely heard the rumors and the chatter surrounding last year’s announcement of Amazon Prime Air, the e-commerce giant’s planned unmanned drone deliver service. In the weeks that followed, discussions rapidly bubbled up and debates boiled about the feasibility of Amazon’s lofty plan. However, even if Amazon’s plan to use unmanned drones is permanently grounded due to FAA … Read More

Strategic Email Remarketing: A Look at Lenovo’s Campaign

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Email ReMarketing Campaign

Today, UpSellit released a study that outlines the success of Lenovo’s custom email remarketing campaign. We’re going to discuss the strategies we employed to yield the successes outlined in the report. While the topics of today’s post are useful even if you haven’t gone through the study, reading about our work will give you a greater insight into how UpSellit … Read More