10% off: A Retrospective.

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We’ve all been on an online retail site, browsing the store, only to have a “10% off” ad appear just as we were about to leave. There’s a good chance that ad was even brought to you by UpSellit! These “exit offers” are the foundations of behavioral marketing, reading the invisible tells of the consumer as he or she moves the mouse to close the tab or search for another site, and giving an instant, no-nonsense nudge of savings to return the consumer to the conversion funnel.

UpSellit pioneered the “10% off” exit offer. It was a game-changer, increasing revenue dramatically for any online retail store. But over time the web became cluttered with simplistic ‘exit-intent’ offers. Online shoppers became inundated with discounts and came to expect them.  It didn’t take long for companies to realize a new fear: Has discounting merely reduced their bottom line? The game changer had indeed changed the game, but now it was up to UpSellit to rewrite the rulebook.

Today, the analysis of consumer behavior grows ever more elaborate in order to know exactly what each consumer is thinking, and respond accordingly. In the early days, any website abandonment on a mobile device might just get the “10% off” exit offer. But now we can identify behaviors that tell us the consumer is only leaving their mobile device in order to make the purchase on their desktop!

The point here is to beware the danger of old-school thinking being passed off as innovation. As we change the game, the new rules always have new consequences that require yet more innovation. There are plenty of pretenders out there happy to run a “10% off” ad for you, but if that’s all they can offer you, they don’t understand your customer well enough to know what’s best for your business.

At UpSellit, we constantly innovate what an exit offer can be, and have broadened the scope of such ads far beyond mere discounts. We call them “Targeted Tactics,” and no one offers a deeper bench of options to prevent website abandonment.

On abandonment, we may prompt the consumer to save their shopping cart by entering their email. We could remind the consumer about a benefit they may not have yet seen, like free shipping, in order to recontextualize the value of their next potential purchase. We may give a low stock warning on the last item the consumer looked at. We MAY even say—“10% off!”

But never forget: An exit offer is so much more than “10% off.” It is a new conversation at a critical juncture that requires a wealth of information about each consumer in order to maximize its power.

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