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Over the last 7 years, UpSellit has built partnerships with virtually every online industry. From e-commerce to lead generation, UpSellit has been reducing website abandonment and collecting unbelievable amounts of customer data along the way. Our new blog, ‘Understanding Site Abandonment’ will serve to share everything we’ve learned about website abandonment from the unique customer insight provided by SmartAgent, our proprietary automated chat technology.

SmartAgent, UpSellit’s automated chat agent, was the web’s first sales chat agent to engage and assist customers upon website abandonment. What began as a simple, key-word driven chat bot has evolved over the years into a highly sophisticated automated chat agent capable of understanding the subtleties of the English language. SmartAgent has grown from a last-ditch sales tool, to an effective customer support and sales assistance solution. Using a natural language parsing engine, SmartAgent understands user questions at the structural level, and leverages a custom knowledge base built on top of a robust professional personality to deliver intelligent automated chat support.

Our Abandonment Chat solution provides marketers with the unique ability to hear the voice of the non-customer. With UpSellit’s robust reporting engine, marketers can monitor all conversations and glean valuable customer feedback. Over the last year, we have aggragated the customer feedback, and analyzed it by industry to determine the top reasons customers abandon, the top reasons they come back, and how internet marketers can use this information to be proactive about their site abandonment issues. Please be sure to subscribe to our RSS feed at the top right so you can stay up to date with all of our educational articles to come.

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