New Webinar – “Revenue Recovery Tips and Strategies”

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website abandonment webinar

website abandonment webinar

Revenue Recovery Tips and Strategies

UpSellit is proud to announce the release of our new On-Demand Webinar, “Revenue Recovery Tips and Strategies.” Hosted by Max Loewenthal, our Director of Business Development, the new webinar can help you identify the problematic pieces of your conversion funnel and move more customers to checkout, ultimately driving sales and increasing revenue.

On average, 97% of all visitors to a website abandon. Many of these customers never return to your site–once an unrecognized lead disappears, it’s gone forever. In this webinar, you’ll learn about what you can do to optimize against each of the following types of website abandonment:

  • Site Bounce.
  • Product Abandonment.
  • Cart Abandonment.
  • Checkout Abandonment.

By taking a look at abandonment, piece-by-piece, you’ll learn what causes customers to leave before they purchase and how you can optimize your website to keep visitors engaged and shopping. The webinar also discusses recovering lost leads, following up on abandoned transactions, and effectively bringing customers back to complete their purchase.

In just 22 minutes, you’ll get all the information you need to take the next step in reducing website abandonment and increasing revenue. You’ll also learn about UpSellit’s technologies and how our campaigns actively combat abandonment using solutions customized to your unique website.

The webinar is online, free, and ready for viewing, so watch it today!

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