Solving Website Abandonment with ExitCapture Lead Recovery

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We spend a lot of time talking about website abandonment at different points along the conversion funnel–we even wrote a book about it. From day to day, we discuss which tools are best used at various stages in the customer journey and how each stage presents retailers with a unique set of challenges and opportunities. Today, we’re going to take a magnified look at one of our own solutions, ExitCapture, to demonstrate the usefulness of a true full-funnel website abandonment solution.



Product Spotlight: ExitCapture Lead Recovery

ExitCapture fights website abandonment by engaging abandoning visitors with on-site engagements that collect new leads. Once a lead is collected, UpSellit’s QuickCapture email remarketing platform delivers highly personalized messages that convince consumers to convert.

Powered by a sophisticated abandonment-detection engine, ExitCapture only deploys when a user abandons the page. In short, this solution turns website abandonment into conversions with precisely targeted messaging, relevant imagery, and dynamic incentives.

So, what makes ExitCapture a full-funnel website abandonment solution?

Full-Funnel Adaptability

Unlike many email remarketing solutions that rely on a user beginning the checkout process, ExitCapture can recover shoppers at any and all types of website abandonment.

  • Top-Funnel – Whether the visitor bounces off the entrance page, or only clicks a couple pages deep, ExitCapture can recover leads from visitors who abandon the top of the conversion funnel. There are a variety of reasons visitors abandon top-level pages. By evaluating the traffic’s source, geo-location, entrance page and browsing data, UpSellit can develop highly targeted messaging strategies that convince site visitors to provide their email address before abandoning.
  • Mid-Funnel – Once a user starts to browse individual products and categories, they’ve moved into the consideration phase of purchasing, or the “mid-funnel” stages. By leveraging navigational cues, ExitCapture presents users with intelligently relevant offers. For example, if a visitor browses to a product category page before abandoning, ExitCapture intervenes with an image and incentive that relates to the types of products viewed. Moving further down the funnel, ExitCapture can leverage dynamically inserted images to establish relevance as precise as individual product listings.
  • Bottom-Funnel – Deployment strategies continue to evolve as a user moves further down the conversion funnel, adding items to their cart and moving towards checkout. If an abandon is detected from a user with an active cart, ExitCapture uses cart pricing information to select and display the most valuable item in the cart. Additionally, if the user reaches your site with a coupon code, ExitCapture can be automatically configured to mirror that discount within the dispatched email, creating offer consistency that will keep the shopper from deal-hunting on third-party sites.


Email Remarketing Integration

Leads collected with ExitCapture are immediately contacted with a personalized message. However, leads that don’t convert after first contact don’t simply go cold. ExitCapture allows retailers to initiate secondary email remarketing campaigns with the new leads, ensuring that each customer receives the most relevant deals and the proper amount of customer nurturing.


Not Just Anti-Abandonment: Analytical Benefits

In addition to re-engaging users with enticing offers and jump-starting email remarketing efforts, ExitCapture also provides retailers with invaluable web analytics. Taking a look at deployment patterns and success rates, ExitCapture provides insight as to where on a website users abandon most, which types of incentives are most persuasive, and what aspects of a site need optimization.

While certain solutions are more effective along certain points in the conversion funnel, full-funnel website abandonment solutions can yield some great results when properly implemented. ExitCapture is just one tool in UpSellit’s arsenal of website abandonment solutions. To learn more about what we can do to optimize your traffic and recover lost revenue, contact us.


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