How to keep competitors from stealing your sales.

Almost half of your potential customers say they will “gladly switch brands to use a coupon.” For mobile coupon users, it’s even worse; six in ten. Why those no-good, two-faced, traitorous customers! Right? Wrong: Customer loyalty isn’t a right. It’s an asset, which means you have to build it. And if you’re not building loyalty, your website may be taking … Read More

10% off: A Retrospective.

We’ve all been on an online retail site, browsing the store, only to have a “10% off” ad appear just as we were about to leave. There’s a good chance that ad was even brought to you by UpSellit! These “exit offers” are the foundations of behavioral marketing, reading the invisible tells of the consumer as he or she moves the mouse … Read More

Drake, and the psychology of Free Shipping.

Drake’s love of Free Shipping just may be the most instructive meme in the history of conversion rate optimization. What at first blush seems like a fun observation that all shoppers get intuitively actually packs a ton of insight into the irrational behaviors of human beings—insight you can put to your advantage with your online sales. To unpack the joke, … Read More

Domino chain reactions: How little nudges become big sales.

Scientists have measured the power of a falling domino, which, turns out, can knock over a domino 1.5 times its size. That means a two-inch tall domino can start a chain reaction that knocks over an adult human with just nine dominos. The moral? All hail the little nudge. People who visit your website may just be window shopping. They … Read More

Blueprint for a Perfect Welcome Email

Whether they filled out a landing page or subscribed to your blog and newsletter, a stranger coming to your website and sharing their contact info is worthy of celebration! This first-time digital handshake is ultimately where the online relationship begins, so if you’re running a business, a non-profit or a community for ideas, you should take this opportunity to send … Read More

Promote Discovery with these Email Marketing Ideas from TripAdvisor

  Fresh email marketing ideas are few and far between. Unless you really stop and think about what you’re reading, it’s easy to miss some of the fantastic emails that hit our inboxes daily. Today, we’re going to dissect some messages for inspiration from TripAdvisor, a prolific and creative email marketer. As the world’s largest travel site, TripAdvisor puts together … Read More

Transactional Emails: Marketing Ideas that Boost Value

email marketing

  Email marketing ideas are more often the result of evolution than revolution. Usually, the best ideas come from taking a new look at the same types of email messaging you’ve see time and time again. Today, we’re going to take a look at the typical transactional email and discuss a few campaign ideas that’ll transform these strictly utilitarian messages … Read More

On-Site Ideas that Boost Email Marketing Conversions

  Ideally, email marketing gets readers interested enough to open your emails, engaged enough to click on your CTAs, and nurtured enough to convert once they’ve landed on your site. Today, we’re going to talk about bridging that final gap between email clicks and website conversions.     Making the Leap from Email to Page Creating an appealing subject line … Read More

Email Marketing Ideas to Boost Click Rates

email marketing ideas

  The ideas behind email marketing are fairly simple. You are either attempting to acquire new customers or increase the value of existing customers. It’s when you begin to optimize your email campaigns that the complexity becomes apparent. Last week, we discussed email marketing ideas that increase open rates, and this week we’ll take an in-depth look at ways to … Read More

Optimization Ideas for Email Marketing: Open Rates

email marketing ideas

  The best email remarketing ideas are the result of hours upon hours of testing and brainstorming. It’s never easy to see your creative work get chucked into the digital furnace when a potential reader deletes an email before opening it. You’ve spent those hours designing, composing, and refining a marketing message that’ll appeal to your visitors, but it’s all … Read More