Reducing Product Abandonment with Photos

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Product AbandonmentWe’ve covered the most common causes of website abandonment and discussed some different techniques that would help keep visitors on your site and clicking through top-level pages and into the product pages. Continuing down the conversion funnel, we’re going to discuss some of the most common reasons for product abandonment. As discussed here, the product abandonment rate indicates how many unique visitors view a specific product page, yet ultimately abandon the website.

To compare to the brick-and-mortar experience, product abandonment could be equated to a person entering your store, finding the location of the product they were looking for, picking it up, reading the package and then leaving the store without purchasing. There are a few key reasons someone would do this and a few simple tweaks that can be made to your product page design to help reduce site abandonment. The most important factor in driving the conversion is getting the consumer to understand and trust the quality of the product. There are many ways to do this, but as the old adage goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.

The quality and usability of product photography will have the largest impact on whether or not the consumer will add the item to the cart or abandon the website. When viewing a product page, consumers will often look at the product photo before ever reading any descriptive text, so this first impression is very important. Professional photography that enables users to see multiple views, close-ups and different color options has become a standard expectation from online shoppers. With the rise of mobile shopping, it is very important to ensure that product photos are large enough to be adequately viewed on a mobile device yet have minimal file sizes in order to reduce the image load time. It is also important to make the ‘enlarge’ and ‘navigational’ buttons easily accessible and touch-friendly within the product photo frame.

Product photography can also help enhance your company’s social presence. Including a ‘Pin It’ button with your product photos makes your photos instantly shareable and Pinterest will automatically grab your source link, giving you credit for your gorgeous product photography. Another method of encouraging social engagement on your product pages is by allowing customers to upload their own product photos alongside their reviews. These home-made photos will help reinforce trust and make your products almost tangible.

The affect photo quality has on conversions has been clearly illustrated in UpSellit’s cart abandonment solutions. With the use of dynamic feeds, UpSellit easily passes the photos of the product abandoned to its Email Remarketing campaign and Abandonment Chat campaigns. While the simple inclusion of the product photo has a significant impact on conversions (anywhere from a 20-40% lift), an ecommerce client who replaced low-quality photos with high-quality photos realized an immediate 22.5% boost in the performance of their Email ReMarketing campaign when the photo of the abandoned product was fed into their email remarketing message. For more information about how UpSellit can leverage your product photos in your custom website abandonment solution, please write to

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