Reducing Cart Abandonment for Case Study Review

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website abandonment

website abandonment

This week, UpSellit announced the success of their work with through a freshly released case study. While website optimization reduces cart abandonment, sometimes it will only take you so far. Today, we’re going to take a quick look at the methods and results of UpSellit’s site abandonment solutions and take a minute to analyze why the campaign saw success.
The Study:
Before we get into analysis, let’s take a look at the case study in brief., a leading online retailer of luxury bedding, was looking for a way to reduce cart abandonment, offer support to customers, and gain a greater insight to the needs of their consumers. To meet these goals, UpSellit designed a campaign that employed some of their most powerful proprietary technologies, including Datahound®, SmartAgent®, and others. The campaign focuses on first-time visitors, and the simplified version of the customer engagement strategy is as follows:

  • A first-time visitor accesses the website and adds an item to their cart, making them eligible for engagement.
  • If a customer moves as far as checkout and keys in an email address, Datahound® collects this input immediately, as it’s typed.
  • Should the user move to abandon at any point, SmartAgent® intervenes and initiates a dialogue with the consumer.
  • If the sale is not recovered by SmartAgent®, UpSellit’s email remarketing platform initiates a two-touch campaign to the addresses collected by Datahound®.

The Results:
Almost immediately, the results that came rolling in were very impressive. Automated Chat was answering user inquiries with over 70% accuracy and achieved a conversion rate of over 34% among engaged consumers. Emails that landed in user inboxes were opened 52.46% of the time and conversion rates hit well over 50% among users who clicked the included link. Combined, chat and email boosted online conversion rates by 11.8%.
Why it Worked:
While email remarketing and automated chat both played key roles in recovering sales and reducing cart abandonment rates, this campaign strongly highlighted the strengths of chat. Let’s take a look at what problems chat addressed and why it worked so well:

Active Support
Many customers that come to are looking for a specific pillow or set of sheets. Whether a consumer is looking for a pillow they slept on at their favorite hotel or something a little cozier for the winter, the average customer is bound to have questions. SmartAgent® was custom-programmed with responses to a huge library of frequently asked questions. Questions asked by users fell into the following categories:

Reduce Cart Aabndonment

UpSellit’s customized SmartAgent® chat engine responded with over 70% accuracy, giving customers immediate answers to the concerns that make or break a sale. Whether customers had questions about whether their chosen pillow was ideal for side-sleepers or they wanted to know if shipped to the UK, SmartAgent® was able to draw from its library of answers to deliver the right response immediately. With questions satisfied, customers returned to the cart and complete the sale without leaving the site to find answers. SmartAgent® is unique in that it offers this kind of support around the clock without any delay or downtime.

Customization and Relevance
UpSellit took great care to ensure that every aspect of the campaign was customized on two levels: to the brand and to the individual customer session. This specific version of SmartAgent® was built to fit with the pastel design scheme of and features a dynamic image of the last item added to the cart by the user. With careful design work, a conversation with an automated chat agent feels feels like specific, targeted support directly from the company. We’ve written a few entries on the blog about the importance of trust-building in reducing cart abandonment rates; by delivering support that’s cohesive with the shopping experience, consumers are more likely to feel at ease.

Timing and Segmentation
When it comes to automated chat support, who you target for engagement is almost as important as how you approach them. In this case, a look at user behavior for revealed that first-time visitors were least likely to convert without intervention. By selecting only first-time visitors with an active cart, SmartAgent® deploys only when creating a sale is a very realistic prospect.

In addition to segmentation, timing was a key factor in generating success through both email and chat. By utilizing UpSellit’s proprietary abandonment detection solution, users are prompted with a chat window just before the moment of abandonment. For email, timing is even more crucial. The first message is sent out exactly 90 minutes after engagement and, if the customer doesn’t convert on first contact, a final email is dispatched 24 hour after the initial abandonment. These times are precisely calibrated based on user behavior to ensure that the customer is given an optimal amount of time to return to the website organically and complete the purchase before receiving a reminder.

A successful remarketing campaign starts with thoroughly understand the needs of the company and its customers. UpSellit’s work with was so effective in reducing cart abandonment rates because automated chat and email remarketing platforms successfully fulfilled the needs of consumers through support and purchase incentives. For more information on UpSellit’s partnership with, read through the full case study. To learn more about the abandonment solutions offered by UpSellit, contact us.

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