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SmartAgent Chat

In 2010, Forrester released a report titled, ‘Understanding Shopping Cart Abandonment’ that outlined 20 of the most common reasons for cart abandonment. With this report in hand, UpSellit then proceeded to optimize their SmartAgent chat solution to address as many of these concerns as possible. By engaging a potential customer at the very moment they abandon a conversion, SmartAgent is able to effectively resolve seven of the 20 reasons, while capturing actionable insight on the remaining 13. In order to understand customer questions and provide intelligent assistance, SmartAgent performs a complex string of processes to evaluate the true meaning of every question and to identify the most accurate response. This week, we will outline the steps SmartAgent performs in order to assist and recover abandoning online shoppers. To download the whitepaper outlining the SmartAgent process, click here.

SmartAgent Chat

  1. The Customer’s Question: Customers may ask SmartAgent questions the same way they would ask a live chat operator, using everyday language.
  2. Syntax Correction: With a robust English syntax database, SmartAgent first corrects common misspellings, abbreviations, ‘web speak,’ and slang.
  3. Rhetoric Abstraction: SmartAgent then identifies and ignores all unnecessary language (such as adverbials, transitions, and compliments) keeping only the subject, the verb and the object.
  4. Conditional Modification: Next, SmartAgent identifies contextual assumptions to ambiguities, aligning possible synonyms with the inferred meaning.
  5. Compound Recognition: SmartAgent analyzes the input for multiple requests. If more than one question in detected, each question is isolated for response handling.
  6. Source Identification: With all possible inquiries isolated and identified, SmartAgent now determines the location of the requested information.
  7. Client Knowledge Base: The Client Knowledge Base contains hundreds of custom responses to the client’s FAQs and common customer concerns.
  8. Dynamic Feed: The dynamic feed allows SmartAgent to pull dynamic information from either the client’s website or specified 3rd party resources.
  9. Agent Personality: SmartAgent comes equipped with a robust pre-programmed personality that handles small talk and general questions with professionalism.
  10. SmartAgent’s Response: SmartAgent delivers a life-like, intelligent response that can include navigational links, and supplemental media.

SmartAgent is constantly evolving as UpSellit’s Client Services team is constantly reviewing chat transcripts and optimizing the custom Client Knowledge Base, and UpSellit’s SmartAgent Development team is continually researching and experimenting with new ways to enhance SmartAgent’s intelligence and capabilities. For a demonstration of how SmartAgent can instantly address the reasons your site visitors are abandoning, please click here to contact a representative.

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