Mobile Conversion Optimization: 5 Game-Changing Moves to Optimize Product Pages

More than half of all online traffic now comes from mobile devices, yet many e-commerce brands are slow to make the necessary changes to optimize their product pages. If your e-commerce site isn’t showcasing your products on mobile phones and tablets properly, then you’re missing out on abundant revenue opportunities.   In today’s post, we’ll peak into the playbook of … Read More

Mobile Conversion Optimization: 3 DO’s To Optimize Your Mobile Entrance Page

mobile optimization

  Mobile optimization is necessary, yet a disconnect still exists between online shopper’s expectations and mobile browsing experiences. New studies and reports surface describing mobile growth as “explosive” and “on the rise” – but don’t wait until these articles begin to describe mobile as “happening now” before you implement changes to improve your shopper’s mobile experience.   One of the … Read More

Mobile Conversion Optimization,
Part 2: How to Reduce Your Bounce Rate

  Mobile optimization is more than being mobile-friendly, but making a solid first impression with a mobile-friendly site is the first step to generating more mobile conversions. Last week, we went over the importance of your mobile optimization efforts. Today, we are tackling the first metric in your mobile optimization journey: reducing your site’s bounce rate.   Quick definition before … Read More

Mobile Conversion Optimization,
Part 1: Mobile Momentum

Mobile Momentum

  Mobile conversion optimization efforts are becoming more important than your desktop website campaigns. We hit the mobile tipping point somewhere around 2014. People now spend more time on mobile digital media than on desktops, purchase more “smart” products such as smart watches and smart appliances then desktops, and purchase more goods and services from mobile devices than from desktops. … Read More

Conversion Optimization: 4 Do’s For a Frictionless Checkout Process

checkout optimization

  Conversion optimization is the strategic system set to encourage a higher percentage of your site visitors to convert. Your site’s efforts should be reflected in a clean, focused checkout process.   With an average cart abandonment rate for an e-commerce site at nearly 70%, it’s no secret that high abandonment rates result in your business losing out on money. … Read More

Conversion Optimization: Shopping Carts

cart conversion optimization

  Conversion rate optimization is the process of increasing the percentage of your online site’s traffic that converts, but before your shoppers reach checkout, they must encounter a shopping cart page that is effective, simple, and secure.   While many online sites have sizable traffic, there is a significant disconnect between traffic volume and conversion rates. With 67.89 percent of … Read More

Conversion Optimization: Merchandising Your Product Pages

conversion optimization product pages

  Conversion optimization opportunities are typically expected from your shopping cart and checkout pages, but your product pages hold tremendous possibility for increased conversion rates. Optimizing product pages facilitates an enjoyable shopping environment that reaches a higher percentage of your site visitors. An optimized product page skillfully routes more traffic towards the checkout page and ultimately, to conversion.   We … Read More

Conversion Optimization: Build a Better Home Page

  Conversion optimization is a strategic process aimed to increase the percentage of site visitors who complete the desired action. From product pages to the checkout page, there are many conversion optimization opportunities waiting and ready to be seized and improved. First impressions hold tremendous weight, even with the most qualified potential customers, so let’s begin our conversion rate optimization … Read More

Conversion Optimization: Split Test Best Practices

conversion optimization

  Conversion optimization is the process of increasing the percentage of site visitors who complete a specific action. Whether you’re generating leads or driving revenue, there is always room for improvement. Optimizing your conversion rate requires a disciplined testing strategy that identifies what’s working and what isn’t. In this article, we’re going to lay out a foundation for planning and … Read More

5 Real-Time Marketing Solutions that Increase Conversions

  Real-time marketing solutions deliver personalized conversion experiences. They react to visitor behavior and align with customer expectations in order to deliver the right message at the right time. So, how do you create an effective real-time marketing solution for your online business? It’s not easy, but we think ecommerce marketers can learn a lot from TV sitcoms.   There … Read More