How to Write a Successful Abandonment Survey

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abandonment survey

abandonment surveyHow many times have you been walking down the street and had someone walk up to you and ask if you have a few minutes to answer some survey questions? If you live in the city, then it’s probably happened more times than you can count. When you think back on these times, try to recall the factors that lead to your decision to say ‘ok, sure’ or ‘no thanks.’ Researchers will tell you that there are a few key things that informed your decision, and knowing these determinants can also help boost the success of an online abandonment survey.

To write a successful online survey, you need to keep the needs and intent of the surveyed in mind. Whether you’re walking down the street or abandoning a website, you have a destination, you are headed somewhere specific and anything that may impede that pursuit can easily be perceived as a nuisance unless you follow these steps to writing a successful online survey.

Be Attractive. While this is largely out of the control of the person surveying people on the street, marketers have complete control over the attractiveness of their online abandonment survey. There’s no excuse for boring your visitors with a plain, operational-looking survey. Make a strong first impression and peak a visitor’s interest with a well-designed, branded abandonment survey window.

Get to the Point. Just like holiday shoppers walking a crowded mall, online shoppers are busy and only give distractions a fraction of a second to get their message across. If it doesn’t look or sound compelling, you’re guaranteed to get a ‘no thanks.’ When designing your online abandonment survey, make sure to clearly express what you need and how it will help the shopper in as little words as possible. The name of the game here is to provide an instant understanding of what’s going on.

Make Your Questions Clear. After you’ve made a strong first impression and clearly expressed your objective and the value to the surveyed, the next step in writing a successful online survey is effectively communicating the survey questions.

  • Clear and Simple. If 6pt Arial is mumbling, and 18pt caps is shouting, make your abandonment survey speak loudly and clearly with a survey that begins with a simple, legible, single question.
  • Clear Call-to-Action. Provide clear instructions for the online shopper to follow. The shopper shouldn’t have to hunt for the question, where/how to provide their answer, and what to do next.
  • Start General, Get Specific. With the functionalities that come with a dynamic web survey, marketers should begin with very broad and general questions, then depending on the consumer’s answer, follow-up with a more specific question that draws more information from the first response.
  •  Don’t Lead the Consumer. Identifying an objective for a market survey is a good idea, but when writing your survey questions try to forget your hypothesis and . Avoid questions that are leading, ambiguous, unanswerable or questions that are actually two questions in one.


About Abandonment Surveys.

The fastest, most effective and reliable method of learning why your customers are abandoning their shopping cart is to simply ask them when they leave. UpSellit’s abandonment detection technology allows online marketers to identify the exact moment an online shopper is abandoning and proactively initiate a targeted abandonment survey.

UpSellit provides online businesses with full-service, completely customized abandonment surveys that allow businesses to not only collect valuable non-customer feedback, but also work to recover 1-5% of abandoning shoppers with a dynamic logic engine that actively ‘reacts’ to a consumer’s response in order to provide the best possible follow-up question.

For more information about UpSellit’s Abandonment Survey, please click here.

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