Email ReMarketing: Time Sensitive Delivery

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In our previous posts, we’ve talked about the important details that go into crafting a successful email remarketing campaign.  From subject line to content design, the little details that make up an attractive, deliverable message go a long way in generating interest in what you have to offer.  The very important detail that we’re going to discuss today is timing. Just as it’s important to determine what to send, it’s imperative that you consider when you send your remarketing messages.


Prompt and Response
While many factors determine the success of a remarketing email, the most successful messages are prepared for specific occasions. The following are some of the most productive prompts:

  1. Cart Abandonment  – One of the most popular and most effective methods of email remarketing is re-engaging consumers who have left items in their shopping cart without completing the checkout process.  One of the common complications involved in this process occurs when email addresses are collected late in the checkout process.  Using pre-submit lead recovery technology can help you collect email addresses earlier on in the checkout process, giving you the ability to reduce shopping cart abandonment almost immediately.
  2. Newsletter Sign-ups – If your company offers a newsletter, those who sign up have voluntarily shared one crucial piece of information with you (other than their email address):  Newsletter recipients are interested in what you have to offer.  Sending out a monthly or weekly newsletter outlining new products, upcoming company events, and other related information is a great way to build trust and support the consideration phase of the purchase funnel.
  3. Special Offers – Those who’ve previously purchased from you may be interested in sales that you have running.  Crafting and sending a marketing email to previous customers outlining your current best deals is an effective method of approaching previously satisfied customers and making a sale.Website Abandonment – Similar to the Special Offers previously described, emailing returning customers who abandon your website is an ideal way to increase customer lifetime value. These types of email campaigns yield the best results with extensive segmentation, personalization and business rules in place.


Email Timing Is Everything

According to a study produced by MarketingSherpa, the likelihood of converting an online lead drops by 90% after the first hour.  This means that without immediate email remarketing, a huge volume of abandoned carts will remain unpurchased.  For this reason, it’s exceptionally important to quickly dispatch an email urging the customer to return and complete the transaction.  Keeping specific design tactics in mind during this step is exceptionally important–placing a picture of the most expensive item left in their shopping cart will help establish relevance and entice the user.

Thankfully, the transaction is not lost if the consumer doesn’t return to convert from the very first remarketing email.  A series of strategically timed emails will sometimes convince a shopper to return to their cart.  The second email generally performs best when sent within 24 hours of the initial cart abandonment while the third can arrive as late as 7 days later and still find success, but, as always, continued testing yields the best results.


Marketing Minutia

Timing general marketing emails is a much trickier business as there’s no such obvious prompt as an abandoned cart. Thankfully, a number of studies have been conducted to associate specific times of day with higher open rates:

  1. As a general rule, never send out emails between midnight and 7am.  Although many companies think that being at the top a consumer’s inbox when they wake up is a great way to increase visibility, early morning open rates are generally abysmal.  People that work a typical schedule will skim through and delete marketing emails in order to focus on the immediate tasks at hand.
  2. Emails from different industries tend to perform better at different times throughout the day. According to a recent report from Pure360, retail emails receive the highest open rates between either 10-11am or 4-6pm. To speculate, you could attribute these peak times to breaks in the work-day. The fist segment aligns with the hour before people typically take their lunch break, and the second with people get home from work.


Targeted Timezones

Another factor to bear in mind is timezone.  Make sure that your marketing campaigns coincide with your highest performing segment.  For example, if you want to target the entire United States during a campaign, time your emails using Eastern Standard Time to get on the same timetable as over 45% of the US population.  If you’re marketing something more specific, such as surf wear, you may want to use California’s Pacific Standard Time.


Make Your Presence Known

You need to find and navigate the happy medium between annoying readers with an abundance of emails and interacting so infrequently that you become irrelevant.  You want to be on the forefront of the reader’s mind when they decide it’s time to make a purchase, but you must be careful not to tarnish your brand name with a reputation for relentless spam. In general, you want to make an appearance in a user’s inbox between one and four times a month, depending on the customer’s interaction with you.

Much like a cart abandonment email, marketers can choose to initiate a specific email remarketing campaign when previously identified visitors (such as previous customers or newsletter sign-ups) return to the site but ultimately abandon. Engagement strategies for website abandonment vary, but work best when they are segmented by the visitor’s purchase history and session data. These kinds of campaigns can be very difficult to develop and optimize, it’s sometimes best to work with a site abandonment expert to help with your campaign. As always, test different timing and frequencies to find the number that works best for you.


Refine, Remarket, Refine

The single element that’s both most exciting and frustrating about email remarketing is that none of the rules are set in stone.  Repeated testing and continued optimization are the true keys to success.  Although the trends and rules discussed in this blog are a great place to start, take the time to carefully analyze your target market and make timing adjustments according to their schedule.  It’s important to remember that sending out emails when it’s most convenient for you is not the aim; you must deliver content when potential clients are most receptive.

Launching email remarketing campaigns is an excellent way to revitalize cold leads and generate additional revenue for your business.  From reducing cart abandonment to re-enaging previous customers, custom email campaigns can put an extra gust of wind in your company’s sails. To learn more about email remarketing and how UpSellit can develop a completely custom campaign on a 100% pay-for-performance pricing model, schedule a free consultation today.


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