Email Marketing Ideas That Reduce Product Abandonment

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Product abandonment is one of the trickiest types of abandonment to diagnose and address. It’s difficult to determine a visitor’s purchase intent when they browse a product or two, but leave your website with an empty shopping cart.
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Opportunities to Reduce Product Abandonment

Just because product abandonment is difficult to measure doesn’t mean that you should give up on the opportunities it presents. Every visitor that lands on your site has the potential to become a paying customer. Today, we’re going to talk about a few engagement and email marketing ideas that will help turn shoppers abandoning product pages into happy customers.

First, let’s talk a little bit about why product abandonment presents difficulties for merchants.
email marketing leadsGone Without a Trace. Your email marketing ideas won’t get off the ground unless you have the shoppers’ email addresses. Just like in brick-and-mortar stores, some consumers arrive and take a look at your products, but walk out the door without saying a word. Much like these shoppers, product abandoners don’t usually identify themselves and provide contact info before leaving.

remarketing purchase intentEvaluating Purchase Intent. At first glance, the browsing behavior of a buyer looks identical to a non-buyer’s. It’s difficult to tell who’s looking to buy and who’s simply doing a little research. The successful remarketer can identify signs of purchase intent and determine when and how to reach out to window shoppers.

With these hurdles in place, coming up with some bright email marketing ideas is a chore, especially when starting from scratch. So, to help you out, we’ve got a few tips that can help you combat product abandonment.


Engaging Product Abandoners

First, let’s talk about engaging visitors. Your email marketing strategy is going to change greatly depending on how the shopper’s lead information was collected.

remarketing ideasRemarketing to Identified Visitors. Shoppers don’t need to make a purchase or reach checkout in order for you to have their email address. By promoting a newsletter sign-up or encouraging visitors to log in, you can collect lead information and leverage those emails for future visits. When an identified visitor abandons a product page, you can use the email address you have on file to remarket the products they viewed before abandoning.


exitCapture email recoveryOn-Exit Engagements. The majority of site visitors haven’t ever provided an email address. For these shoppers, some type of on-exit engagement strategy can generate new leads for email marketing. Using a solution like UpSellit’s ExitCapture to engage users at the precise moment of abandonment and request an email address works wonders, especially when personalized and targeted to the user’s interests or concerns.


Segmenting Product Abandonment

Every visit tells a story. Consider the following when looking for way to segment visitors.
marketing time on pageTime on Page. Users who look at a page for only a few seconds are typically not the buying type. However, users who spend enough time looking at a product to read the description and view a few pictures are usually more interested in converting.

traffic source marketingTraffic Source. Analyzing where your visitors are coming from will provide deep insight into where they are in the purchase process. Segmenting your email marketing ideas by traffic source will allow you to provide a relevant experience that delivers increased conversion rates. Consider that visitors coming from specific marketing campaigns such as paid search or display ads were promised something before arriving. By aligning your email marketing message or ExitCapture message with the ad copy they clicked will result in significantly higher conversion rates.

products abandonedProducts Viewed. By assessing the products viewed, marketers can identify the consumers’ interests and either promote related items, supplemental items or promote the value and unique selling propositions of the viewed items.

Segmentation is almost always the best course of action because it allows for targeted email messaging that converts. In some rare cases, however, it may be best to break segments wide open and engage shoppers more freely. Test the performance of segmented engagements against non-segmented engagements.


Email Marketing Ideas

Now that we’ve covered who to contact and how to do it, it’s time to determine what you should send. Here are a few email marketing ideas for product abandonment campaigns.

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Show the Product Abandoned. A consumer viewed a specific product, so you should at the very least include that product in your message. If a user looked over a few different products, you have some decisions to make. Do you want to promote the highest value item, the item viewed for the longest, or all of the products viewed? Using product photos is a powerful email marketing idea–displaying a product left behind yields great results when recapturing interest.


email marketing ideas-recommendationsProduct Recommendations. If the product viewed was one in a category of many, consider including a few alternative products in the email. Sometimes, people abandon because the product isn’t exactly what they need. A recommended product in the same category may be just the thing!

email marketing incentive ideasEscalating Incentives. In general, the use of purchasing incentives does increase email conversion rates. However, if you plan on emailing a wide segment of shoppers, it’s wise to escalate the value of incentives slowly in a multi-message email series. A first email with nothing but a reminder might be enough to win over the eager buyer, while a discount in the third email might be exactly what the more reserved shopper needs.

Product abandonment presents a potentially profitable opportunity to vendors. With some thorough segmentation and a coupe of good email marketing ideas, you can reignite shopper interest and earn back conversions. For more information product abandonment or for some email marketing ideas, contact UpSellit.

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