Email Marketing Ideas from Awareness to Purchase

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Email marketing ideas are the building blocks with which a messaging strategy that informs, nurtures and converts shoppers is built. These email marketing ideas are what enable companies to generate personally delivered content to willing readers and effectively raise overall profitability and brand awareness.

Today, we’re going to go through the email marketing steps, from awareness to repeat conversion, to give you an idea of how this powerful channel works.


Acquisition – Expanding Email Marketing Reach

Some will argue that the most difficult part of email marketing is acquiring a base of willing, eager readers. With content being created faster than people can read it, how can you convince people to spend time reading what you have to say?

Newsletters are the bread and butter of email marketing. In fact, according to the DMA’s National Client Email Report (2014), 68% of marketers cited newsletters as the most valuable type of email in achieving business goals. You’d be hard-pressed to find a company that has built an online presence without running a newsletter as part of their marketing strategy.


No surprises here: At UpSellit, we run our own newsletter! Sign-up on this page’s footer.

A newsletter is a great email marketing idea for opening a communication channel in a friendly, informative way. Although newsletters aren’t often built to drive huge volumes of conversions, they’re great for staying top-of-mind with your target audience.

Leveraging Incentives
Sometimes, asking people nicely is all it takes get permission to send your email marketing materials. Other times, however, you’re going to need to sweeten the deal. Instead of offering every visitor to your site an incentive to provide an email address, try only offering unidentified abandoning visitors a discount. Here’s some more information on why on-entry email collection is a terrible idea. Instead, do a little diving into your website analytics and find out which product pages are experiencing significant abandonment. On these pages, test an on-exit engagement that offers a small discount in exchange for an email address.


UpSellit’s ExitCapture engagement on

As users sign up to receive the discount, ask readers for permission to send further offers and updates to build your marketing base. Associating your emails with potential savings is a good way to get your messages read.


Email Marketing Ideas That Nurture

A essential element of email marketing is giving shoppers a pathway or next step through the conversion funnel. For newly acquired readers, giving consumers that “first step” is tremendously helpful.

“Welcome” and “Thank You” Emails
Once you’ve earned a few subscriptions with enticing newsletters and incentives, it’s time to send a friendly “thank you” to your newest readers.


From Not every reader needs a trophy, but you get the idea.

While your marketing emails shouldn’t be less than genuine (Do thank your readers for signing up), also feel free to nurture new readers by giving them a few next steps. Invite readers to…

  • …take a look at your newest line of products.
  • …watch your newest ad.
  • …read customer testimonials.
  • …check out your deepest discounts.

Although not every email sent will end in a conversion, these messages help users take a step in the right direction.


Recover Conversions with Email Marketing

If you’ve been reading this blog, then you’re no stranger to the idea of website abandonment. In fact, on average, 96.7% of ecommerce sessions end in abandonment. We’ve found that one of the best ways to address this massive volume of abandoning consumers is through email.

Abandonment Emails
Abandonment emails are exceptionally powerful conversion recovery tools, especially so during the later stages of the funnel. With the right timing, tact, and message contents, you can persuade consumers to take another look at what you’re offering.

Just as with newsletters, however, getting the address to which you send your message isn’t always simple. So, how do you do it?

  • Ask For It Early – You can’t get what you want without asking for it. Simply ask for user email addresses very early in the cart/checkout process. By making email address step #1, you can ensure a greater volume of sends, meaning more conversion recovery.
  • Get Tactical – Although it’s not a perfect system, there are some clever ways of pairing browsing identifiers from initial newsletter sign-ups to later abandons. If a newsletter reader lands on your page from a newsletter link, then you can pair that shopper with their associated email. Additionally, if the user’s IP address matches a unique IP address used to sign up for a newsletter at an earlier date, you can safely assume the two are a match.

Now that you have some email addresses, it’s time to fill out those messages. Check out our earlier post for some email remarketing ideas.


Building Repeat Customers with Email Marketing

As any successful business knows, your job as a marketer doesn’t stop with a purchase. The best customers are those who return and purchase again. So, what email marketing ideas can you put into play to recapture shoppers’ interest?

Renewal Emails
For any kind of iterative or subscription-based product, it’s wise to try and preempt customer needs with reminder messaging. If you have a new version of a software program, tell your previous customers why this release requires their attention. If you’ve sold someone a 6-month supply of vitamin supplements, email them 5 months later with a special offer on refills.

With repeat purchasing, you have the unique benefit of established trust–it’s up to you to deliver marketing on time.

Ask for Feedback
If there’s one thing that social media has taught us, it’s that people don’t shy away from sharing their opinions. After customers have converted, it’s a bright email marketing idea to follow-up and request a review.

review_email2_thumb asks for reviews in a post-purchase campaign.

Collecting reviews from previous customers is a good way to boost brand exposure, fortify buyer confidence, and get previous purchasers back onto your site, effectively landing shoppers back on the first step of the conversion funnel.

Coming up with fresh email marketing ideas is an essential component to establishing a healthy online presence. The ideas outlined in this post are just basic frameworks used to build thousands of unique emails. For more on email marketing and remarketing, contact UpSellit!

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