Cyber Monday Preparation: Part 2

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In our last Cyber Monday entry, we spent some time talking about what makes this year’s Cyber Monday a particularly important event and went over a few tips to help you prepare for the biggest sales day of the year. Today, we’re going to conclude our look ahead at the holiday season with a few more helpful hints. More specifically, we’ll look at abandoning customers, social media’s role on Cyber Monday, and the impact of mobile shoppers.
The Abandoning Customer
Unfortunately, the increased volume of online shoppers brought on by the frenzy of Cyber Monday also means heightened shopping cart abandonment rates. As consumers shop around for the best deals, daily cart abandonment rates typically peak on Cyber Monday, so what can you do to retain customers?

Remarket Quickly
While sending out remarketing emails to your abandoning customers should be standard practice year-round, doing so around the holidays is doubly important. Time your messages to land in users’ inboxes almost immediately following abandonment to ensure that your best deal is offered before customers find other vendors.

A Focus on Shipping
Shipping concerns have been the primary reason for abandoned shopping carts for quite some time. During this holiday season, people will be tracking their packages very carefully. Use this extra concern to your advantage by centering your incentives around shipping discounts. Remember: It’s pretty tough to get a better price on shipping than free.

Leverage Important Dates
When customers do their shopping is nearly as important as what they buy as the big holidays loom around the corner. Consider using important dates (December 25th comes to mind) when dispatching second or third emails to cold cart owners. Remind users exactly how many days remain to receive their packages before the 25th and instill a sense of urgency.

Save Carts
Although online shopping foregos the ludicrous lines and ravenous crowds of shoppers that typify Black Friday, Cyber Monday still hosts its fair share of chaos. For the shoppers that are opening and closing multiple browser tabs, it is imperative that you save shopping carts without requiring log-in.
A Social Focus?
Last year, only .41% of all Cyber Monday sales were direct referrals from popular social media sites. While that number is alarmingly low, Adobe’s yearly study forecasts that over a third shoppers will look toward social outlets for opinions and influence. While your company shouldn’t rely on social marketing to do the heavy-lifting, it’s certainly important to maintain a presence online during the weeks prior to sale season and throughout.

Additionally, paid advertising on social sites, such as Facebook, typically skyrocket during the holiday season (increasing in price by as much as 42% last year). Although generating organic social content might not net you a barrage of clicks, considering the cost difference, it’s likely to be your most efficient option.
Tablet Readiness
Tablet traffic has doubled in the past year in nearly every country. Considering that tablets were the most popular device for mobile shopping during the previous holiday season (According to an IBM report, last year, the iPad alone accounted for 7% of online shopping), it should come as no surprise that the emphasis on mobile is even larger this year. The immense success of the iPad Air on its opening weekend should be a warning to every online retailer: Be sure your site is prepared for a heavy volume of iOS-based tablet traffic. For more on reducing site abandonment on tablets, check out our previous blog post.

Last year, online shopping numbers reached their annual zenith at precisely 11:25am Eastern on Cyber Monday. This year, be ready as employees hop on their company computers to sneak in a few holiday buys. With the right marketing strategies and proper preparation for site abandonment, you’re sure to pull in a slice of holiday joy for your site’s yearly earnings. To learn more about reducing site abandonment and getting the most of your online storefront, contact UpSellit. Our services typically go live within 48 hours, meaning you can get your online store optimized in time for the holiday season.


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