Crafting Custom ReMarketing Emails

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email remarkeitngWhether it’s at the door of a local grocery store or a in a letter delivered to the front door, consumers are offered various coupons and deals on a daily basis.  Despite the daily development of new social media outlets, studies have shown that people prefer to receive offers via email moreso than by any other medium.  From newsletter messages to special offers, it’s crucial that your business properly crafts every email to fit its recipient if you want to convert leads to sales.  The following blog outlines a few of the most important things to keep in mind when drafting those messages:

Stay Focused
With the availability of highly segmented user data, online retailers can now focus email remarketing efforts like never before.  For example, if a consumer logs on to an apparel retailer to search for some men’s shorts for the upcoming summer season, they’ll surely be disinterested in a message centered around women’s winter wear.  By utilizing segment data, you can craft emails for specific demographics and always keep the conversation relevant.  Pre-submit lead generation can help you capture the attention of users the moment they fill their shopping cart, giving you the ability to keep all images, messages, and incentives relevant from the start.

Easy on the Eyes
As any salesperson knows, presentation is paramount. This same rule applies to any message sent out during an email remarketing campaign.  In order to put your company’s best face forward in email efforts, stick to these three fundamentals:

  1.  Pick a simple color scheme and stick with it throughout the message. Use your company’s colors as a default, but don’t be afraid to use seasonal colors when the time is right.
  2.  You have the data; use it! Use data segments to ensure that your emails are formatted for the proper device and address the consumer’s interest.  If the user had items in their cart, include a picture of a product they were considering to establish immediate relevance.
  3.  Guide the reader’s eye towards your central message.  Place your most important pieces of data in a bulleted list to give it the attention it deserves. By surrounding this list delicately with images and borders, your reader is sure to receive this info straight away.

We’ll go into greater depth about the design of remarketing emails in a later blog.

The Subject at Hand
The email’s subject line is your first point of contact with the consumer.  No matter how carefully crafted the body of your message may be, the subject needs to be adequately enticing and equally inviting in order to get the reader involved.  Although there are no magic words that’ll have users opening each and every email dispatched, there are a few important trends to keep in mind:

  1. Brevity is Best. Subject lines in excess of 45 characters tend to dissuade interest and turn away readers.
  2. Words of Wisdom. Studies have shown that placing certain words in the subject line attracts attention while others are dismissed outright.  In the ecommerce sector, word-choice is particularly tricky, but exceptionally important.  For example, including the word ‘coupon’ in the subject line often hurts the deliverability of an email remarketing campaign, while ‘voucher’ generates more reads and click-throughs.  A team of experts can analyze results and update subject lines to fit your segments perfectly.
  3. Names are Nice. If the user signed up for a newsletter and provided their name, adding a personal touch to the subject line never hurts.  Simply addressing a potential reader by name can draw attention to your message and yield increased reads.

Using these tips can help you properly craft an email remarketing effort to recapture the interest of consumers and mitigate shopping cart abandonment rates.  To learn more about how you can help move your consumers from browsing to checkout completion with email remarketing, click here.

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