Crafting a Promotional Email That Converts

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facebook-Linked_Image___Promotional-EmailWhat are the essential elements of a great promotional email? An attention-grabbing introduction? A clearly stated message? Artful content delivery?
Of course, the ideal email would emphasize all of these goals. But the road to the perfect email creation is fraught with obstacles, twists, and turns.
Although each business requires different email approaches, certain marketing and composition techniques have proven universally effective. Experts encourage you to concentrate your efforts in the following key areas:

Clever Subject Line

A third of all email recipients decide whether to open an email or not based on its subject line alone. Great ways to ensure that your subject lines pass the test include keeping them short, ensuring that they reflect the content of your email, and personalizing them with the receiver’s name, business, and/or location.

Email Design

While bare-bones emails that use plain text can be quite effective, you may want to consider the impact of a creative and unique email design. By incorporating captivating fonts, colors, pictures, and textures into the body of your email, you can quickly grab attention and maintain prolonged focus.

General Content

A great deal of research and analytics has gone into determining optimal content creation for emails in specific industries and market sectors. Regardless of industry, a perfect promotional email should follow a few general guidelines such as: ensuring that all emails are 100% grammatically correct and maintain an appropriate length. Research has shown that the best emails contain less than 750 words, but the optimal number for your promotional purposes is likely to be far less. A/B test to find what your audience responds to best.

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