Understanding Site Abandonment

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What is Email ReMarketing?

AUGUST 6, 2015
Email remarketing is the process of convincing a consumer to come back to your site and complete their purchase. When a shopper is comparing products, they may visit a number of sites and take several days to make a purchase decision. Remarketing emails remind the user of your site and direct that person back...

What Is a Remarketing Email?

APRIL 17, 2015
A remarketing email is a targeted and personalized message that convinces otherwise lost customers to complete their purchase. It enables marketers a second chance at converting the site visitors who abandoned before converting. When implemented intelligently, an email remarketing campaign can increase overall conversions by as much as 25%. A few weeks ago,...

What Is Remarketing?

FEBRUARY 4, 2015
Remarketing is the process of convincing consumers who have abandoned an online purchase to come back and convert. Online businesses typically remarket to shoppers using display ads across the web or emails delivered to their inbox. There are thousands of nuances to writing successful remarketing messages, but the goal is always to generate conversions from...

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