Heavy Load: Webpage Size and Checkout Abandonment

bounce rate

In a single session on a computer, how many times do you visit a page only to leave a few moments later because your information hasn’t loaded quickly enough? If you’re anything like the average browser, this happens fairly often. Don’t worry; you’re not just getting less patient with time. Sites are growing slower and the implications for website abandonment … Read More

Cut Product Abandonment in Half with Simple Changes

Reducing website abandonment is not a perfect science. However, just because there’s no single right answer doesn’t mean there’s no method to a marketer’s madness. In today’s blog post, we’re going to take a look at a couple of visual tweaks that you can use to drive conversions, reduce abandonment, and ultimately generate more revenue for your retail website. While … Read More

How to Sell Paper in a Digital World

Website Abandonment Analysis: Staples.com, Part 1   Once in a while, even the most digital companies need to restock their paper supplies. As the reams began to run low, UpSellit decided to make the most of the opportunity and draft up a brief website abandonment analysis of Staples.com. This blog follows the purchase journey businesses across the U.S. take every … Read More

Website Bounce Rates: Part 2

bounce rate

In our last article, we jumped straight into defining the bounce rate and discussed a few of the more contested subjects surrounding this form of website abandonment.   This week, we’re going to get into specifics and look at a few of the more common problems that drive up website bounce rates unnecessarily, and you’ll learn what you can do … Read More

Website Bounce Rates: Part 1

Website Bounce Rate

If you’re reading this blog, then you know that we have a habit of talking about abandonment rates. We’ve talked about a lot of the common reasons for various types of website abandonment and we’ve even gotten down into the nitty gritty regarding the oversimplification of the term ‘cart abandonment.’ However, there is one type of website abandonment that we … Read More