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A Decade of Reducing Website Abandonment

FEBRUARY 10, 2015
Today, UpSellit celebrates its 10th year of business. Over nearly a decade, we’ve grown from an automated chat abandonment solution into a provider of comprehensive on-site and email remarketing services. Now, UpSellit works with thousands of online businesses, targeting and converting abandoning shoppers using personalized engagements, boosting profitability for online retailers by 5-25%....

Expanding Your Email Remarketing Reach Beyond the Shopping Cart

JULY 30, 2014
Email remarketing has proven itself to be a highly effective solution for recovering abandoned carts. If an online shopper advances to the checkout and abandons after submitting their email address, delivering a series of strategic emails can increase conversions 5-15%. What can a retailer do when a new consumer hasn’t provided an email address?...

Site Abandonment Myths Debunked

JULY 9, 2014
Website abandonment can be baffling. There are hundreds of factors that contribute to the different types of abandonment, making it difficult to pin down an exact cause. As with most open-ended mysteries, a few myths have starting cropping up about site abandonment. Today, we’d like to do our part in squashing some of these tall...

Grid View From the Top: The Future of Email Remarketing?

JUNE 19, 2014
Take a good look at the image below. From a glance, it looks like your standard ad — perhaps something you’d find in the corner of a news website. The ad below is actually a promotional email displayed with Gmail’s new Grid View, an innovation that’s poised to make a huge impact on email remarketing....

Cut Product Abandonment in Half with Simple Changes

MAY 15, 2014
Reducing website abandonment is not a perfect science. However, just because there’s no single right answer doesn’t mean there’s no method to a marketer’s madness. In today’s blog post, we’re going to take a look at a couple of visual tweaks that you can use to drive conversions, reduce abandonment, and ultimately generate more revenue...

Checking Out Staples.com

MAY 7, 2014
Website Abandonment Analysis: Staples.com, Part 3 In this final segment of our analysis of Staples.com, we’re going to take our reams of paper through checkout and make our printer happy with a fresh supply. Along the way, we’ll take a look at the techniques employed by the office supply retailer to make checkout a quick,...

How to Sell Paper in a Digital World

APRIL 23, 2014
Website Abandonment Analysis: Staples.com, Part 1 Once in a while, even the most digital companies need to restock their paper supplies. As the reams began to run low, UpSellit decided to make the most of the opportunity and draft up a brief website abandonment analysis of Staples.com. This blog follows the purchase journey businesses...

A Look Inside the MGECOM Case Study

MARCH 18, 2014
This week, the team here at UpSellit released a new case study outlining our work with MGECOM and their expansive roster of advertisers. In today’s A Look Inside…, we’re going to evaluate the campaigns we designed and give some insight as to why they generated great results. While today’s post doesn’t assume that you’ve...

Happy Holidays from UpSellit!

DECEMBER 31, 2013
Happy Holidays from the team here at UpSellit! 2013 has been a great year for UpSellit. By developing and fine tuning new technologies and adopting even more efficient deployment methods our team has been able to attract some great clients and build long-lasting partnerships. With this momentum, next year is looking bright. Despite a few...

The Top Reasons for Website Abandonment

OCTOBER 2, 2013
There’s a lot to be gained by spending time discussing theory and design practices when it comes to website abandonment–after-all, that’s why we created this blog! In very general terms, there’s a pattern usually followed around here: We spend a lot of time fleshing out the finer points of reducing website abandonment and pulling in...

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