Checkout Abandonment: Building Trust

From an early age, we’re all taught to be on the lookout for people trying to take advantage of us.  Fairy tales teach kids to beware of wolves in sheeps’ clothing while movies remind adults to be careful of who they trust. It’s only natural that we look at sales propositions through the lens of suspicion, especially since the rise … Read More

Dialing in on Mobile Site Abandonment

Over the past few years, smartphones have become fully integrated into the average person’s daily life. While keeping us connected to friends and giving us instant access to nagging trivia questions, mobile devices keep us close to a thriving online marketplace – putting your company’s online storefront constantly within arm’s reach. Let’s take a look at the trends in the … Read More

Incentive Strategies for Reducing Website Abandonment

Sometimes, offering an abandoned customer a small incentive is exactly the nudge they need to come back and complete the conversion. All too often, however, incentives are carelessly implemented and end up creating irreversible damage to that customer’s value. It is generally recognized that customers who redeem coupons are not the loyal consumers who come back time and time again, … Read More

Most Common Cause of Website Abandonment

According to the Fireclick Index, website abandonment rates range from from 96-99%. That means that for every hundred visitors that come to a site, only 1-4 actually complete a conversion. There is a lot of buzz surrounding shopping cart abandonment rates and checkout abandonment, however the fastest and most effective way to increase overall site conversions is to start at … Read More

Defining Website Abandonment, Part 3

Last week we began defining the types of website abandonment beginning at the top of the online sales funnel. We established that the commonly used term, website abandonment, will be defined as the unique site visitors who arrive at a given website and abandon before converting. It was also distinguished product abandonment as the term used to describe unique site … Read More