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Reduce Cart Abandonment with Simple Visual Tweaks

JULY 22, 2015
Reducing cart abandonment is a tricky process in which seemingly simple tweaks result in significant performance changes. This means that, with some careful testing, implementing a seemingly small change to your established cart can have a big, positive impact on efficacy. Today, we’re going to talk about a few visual changes you can test...

The 2015 Reduce Cart Abandonment Checklist

MAY 29, 2015
Reducing cart abandonment is a big task. There are limitless options for testing and changing how customers move through your conversion funnel. No matter how limitless your options are, there are a few essential methods for reducing cart abandonment that you simply cannot ignore. To help you narrow your focus and hit the most important...

3 Shipping Tactics that Reduce Cart Abandonment

APRIL 22, 2015
Reducing cart abandonment isn’t always a matter of optimizing your shopping cart design. A significant percentage of cart abandonment is simply due to last minute increases in cost; the most common offender being shipping costs. $9.40 — What does this price tag look like to you? Your average lunch? A few gallons of gas? ...

5 Clever Features that Reduce Cart Abandonment

MARCH 25, 2015
Reducing cart abandonment isn’t always as straightforward as improving load times or tactfully placing security symbols. The shopping cart is a complicated middle ground between user experience and merchant utility. Any tactic employed to reduce cart abandonment needs to add to the shopping experience while giving worthwhile value to the vendor–a tricky balance to maintain....

Reduce Cart Abandonment with Chat Support

MARCH 11, 2015
Reducing cart abandonment feels like a balancing act as you try to analyze and control every shopper-facing variable. From the color of your calls-to-action to the load-time of each page, each little thing has a big impact on conversion rates. While you can spend weeks testing different aesthetics to make a big impact on...

4 New Year’s Resolutions to Reduce Cart Abandonment

DECEMBER 30, 2014
Reducing cart abandonment has always been a critical component of running an efficient, profitable online store. However, changes aren’t always quick and simple. As 2014 calendars close and 2015 draws near, now is the perfect time to dedicate yourself to making changes. Here are 4 resolutions you can use to reduce cart abandonment on your...

Reduce Cart Abandonment This Cyber Monday

NOVEMBER 26, 2014
Reducing cart abandonment is more important than ever during the Holiday Weekend. Monday, December 1st is going to be another record-breaking day for ecommerce. It’s up to you to ensure that this Cyber Monday brings in record sales without any snags. Whether you’ve done all you can to reduce cart abandonment this season or you’re...

Reducing Cart Abandonment in the Mobile Market

NOVEMBER 12, 2014
Reducing cart abandonment has remained a consistent challenge for online retailers the world over. Currently, the average shopping cart abandonment rate among desktop users is 70.1%. While this number is high enough to churn the stomachs of some online retailers, mobile abandonment rates average 98%. Now, let’s discuss the question you’re probably asking...

Raising the Dead: Retrieving Abandoned Carts from the Crypt

OCTOBER 30, 2014
Reduce cart abandonment this Halloween with surprisingly simple tricks and treats from UpSellit. Last year, nearly $2.8 billion dollars were spent on costumes and one third of those costume seekers turned to the web to secure their getup. Halloween is the fourth-most profitable holiday for online merchants, making this time of year as valuable...

Quick & Easy Ways to Reduce Cart Abandonment This Cyber Monday

OCTOBER 15, 2014
Shopping cart abandonment costs online merchants millions of dollars every day. However, one (slightly extended) weekend accounts for both the most online sales and the most abandoned carts. From November 28th through December 2nd of last year, also known as Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday, $5.293 billion of merchandise was taken through online shopping carts and...

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