The Pros and Cons of Different Checkout Designs

MultiPage Checkout

Of all the problems online retailers face, checkout abandonment is arguably the most frustrating.  As a customer nearly reaches the end of the conversion funnel, something obstructs the finish line, causing him or her to abandon the website, eliminating a potential sale. Currently, about 56% of visitors abandon the checkout, meaning half of the consumers that initiate a sale run up … Read More

Checkout Abandonment: Less Is More

Checkout Abandonment Tips

  Understanding Checkout Abandonment As of 2012, the average online purchase requires approximately 5 steps to go from shopping cart to order confirmation.  This means that online shoppers are required to complete tasks across five different pages before completing an order.  In an era of instant gratification, this multi-step process seems counterintuitive to the singular prevailing goal: Let’s make more … Read More

25 Website Abandonment Tips & Tricks: Sneak Peek

We’ve been working on something fun and exciting over here at UpSellit.  In just a couple weeks, we’ll be releasing our new eBook, ’25 Website Abandonment Tips and Tricks.’  This book provides a long list of highly actionable steps you can take to reduce site abandonment at each stage of the conversion funnel.  The strategies are specific, easy to implement, … Read More

Cart Abandonment: Dissecting a Misnomer

Over the past few years, heads have turned to one of eCommerce’s largest hurdles, “cart abandonment.”  At often alarmingly high rates, online consumers prematurely end their visit to a website and never make the purchase.  Some marketers sifted through their site’s web analytics to try and identify ways to reduce their cart abandonment. Other marketers turned to the short list … Read More

Checkout Abandonment: Optimize the Final Step

On average, of all the traffic generated on e-commerce websites, a mere 4.8% of users make it through to the checkout process.  Of those that start checkout, less than half make it through to the end of the sale.  While a lack of trust can cause checkout abandonment, some online shoppers simply become frustrated with a convoluted process and unknown … Read More

Checkout Abandonment: Building Trust

From an early age, we’re all taught to be on the lookout for people trying to take advantage of us.  Fairy tales teach kids to beware of wolves in sheeps’ clothing while movies remind adults to be careful of who they trust. It’s only natural that we look at sales propositions through the lens of suspicion, especially since the rise … Read More