Abandonment Surveys: Insight & Revenue

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Abandonment Survey

Typically surveys are designed to collect quantitative information about specific segments of the population in order to make predictions or to optimize a process. From presidential polls to sociological research, anonymous surveys provide relatively reliable insight into a population’s preferences, behaviors, or characteristics. Once a statistically relevant volume of information has been gathered, analysts can then aggregate the feedback and identify trends.

In transferring these survey principles to the web, two distinct types of survey have evolved: the paid survey and the customer satisfaction survey. The paid survey engages general consumers for market research, and the satisfaction survey engages consumers post-purchase for quality assurance. These both provide unique values to internet marketers, however they don’t do anything in terms of optimizing the sales process itself.

Abandonment surveys are an excellent method of gathering the feedback needed to increase conversion rates and reduce cart abandonment. By engaging a consumer mid-cart abandonment, marketers are presented with a unique glimpse into the mind of a lost customer. UpSellit’s proprietary Abandonment Detection technology allows businesses to identify the exact moment of cart abandonment and proactively initiate an abandonment survey.

With the information gathered during an abandonment survey, marketers can identify weakness in their conversion funnel and optimize accordingly to reduce cart abandonment. However, the real value of an abandonment survey is the opportunity to address the reasons for cart abandonment in real time. Similar to UpSellit’s Abandonment Chat solution, abandonment surveys can actively react to a consumer’s feedback and offer a path to immediate resolution.

Abandonment Survey

With a complex decision tree, abandonment surveys can lead consumers down a specific path of survey questions that work to resolve the conflict. For example, a consumer abandoning their cart could be greeted with a branded survey that asks them why they are leaving. Presented with a list of three or four options, the consumer identifies themselves as a comparison shopper. The abandonment survey would now provide a value proposition or differentiator in order to persuade the consumer to complete their transaction. In order to build brand loyalty, the survey could also present social links and email capture form to save their cart and/or opt-in for upcoming specials and announcements. This abandonment strategy serves to collect non-customer insight while increasing significantly the probability of a return visit and purchase.

UpSellit develops abandonment surveys that have completely custom strategies that target and address specific reasons for cart abandonment. For more information about developing a 100% pay-for-performance abandonment survey, contact an UpSellit representative today.

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