Abandonment Chat: Talking Down Site Abandonment

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Abandonment Chat

It makes perfect sense that the best way to create a thriving online business is to listen to what your visitors have to say–unfortunately, as the number of consumers pinging your site reaches into the thousands, it becomes impossible to manually interface with each user.

An automated chat solution enables you to actively reduce site abandonment as it happens while gaining invaluable insight into the collective customer thought-process. Today, we’ll take a look at how Abandonment Chat can directly respond to some of the most commonly cited reasons for site abandonment and help you develop a more effective conversion funnel.

Reducing Site Abandonment with Chat

Abandonment Chat

UpSellit’s Abandonment Chat solution uses an advanced automated chat engine to assist visitors at the moment of site abandonment.

With so many shopping options available to users online, it’s not surprising that many are exceptionally picky as to where they spend their money. Approximately 37% of users exit a site before interfacing with any element on a page. There are dozens of reasons why a user may decline to browse at first glance, but some of the most common reasons include:

Lack of Trust / Recognition (21.0%)
Whether it’s a shortage of recognizable icons and branding or a reluctance to use a new vendor, some shoppers simply don’t trust retailers upon first visit. Abandonment Chat solutions allow you to interface with these new users and answer any questions they might have. With questions answered, customers can comfortably continue browsing, increasing the odds of conversion.

Poor Site Usability (17.3%)
Navigational tools that make perfect sense to one user may be completely incomprehensible to the next. Fortunately, conversation is universal. Abandonment Chat solutions provide links to products and land customers where they want to go organically.
Product Page Abandonment:
When a customer reaches a product page, they determine whether your offer is the best suited for their needs. On average, 84% of visitors to product pages abandon. Reasons cited include:

Insufficient Information (22.5%)
A product page should have all the information a customer needs in order to fully consider a purchase. However, not every customer is looking for the same answers. With an Abandonment Chat solution, customers are given the opportunity to ask specific questions and get the answers they need without further digging or leaving to search on other sites.

Quality Concerns (9.4%)
Powerful Abandonment Chat engines can be loaded with customized answers that cater specifically to your products. By arming your virtual customer service representative with information about an item’s manufacturing and materials, customers can learn more about the high quality of your goods.
Shopping Cart Abandonment:
By the time an item reaches the cart, store policies typically become the biggest point of contention. Nearly 70% of all users abandon populated shopping carts. Automated chat engines can assist users concerned with:

High Shipping Costs (33.1%)
Far and away the most commonly cited reason for shopping cart abandonment, concerns about shipping costs often bring the purchasing process to a halt. An Abandonment Chat solution can intervene and, if authorized, dispense coupon codes for deals on shipping, keeping consumers on track to the sale.

Unclear Return Policies (6.9%)
Most online shoppers want the safety net of a flexible return policy should the item they order not measure up when it arrives at their doorstep. Even if you prominently advertise your return policy, some users are bound to miss it; Abandonment Chat solutions can help allay fears of being stuck with an unwanted product by clearing up questions about a return.

Natural Language Parsing

Within the last few years, the majority of us have interfaced with some sort of automated chat engine. Unfortunately, a good number of these programs run primarily off of the recognition of keywords and, as a result, don’t feel like organic conversations. This is not the case for all Abandonment Chat solutions.

A modern, effective Abandonment Chat solution…

  • …is powered by a natural language parsing engine and understands the different structures of questions, comments, and exclamations without relying solely on punctuation.
  • …allows users to edit answers in real time, making sure that the information dispensed is always current.
  • …understands slang and webspeak, making for natural conversation progression.
  • …is backed by years of testing and optimizations. Abandonment Chat solutions should be preprogrammed with the most efficient ways to approach and serve consumers.


Increase Business Intelligence: Understand Abandonment

In addition to keeping users engaged and converting, an automated chat engine is one of the most prolific sources of business intelligence. With transcripts of every chat in your grasp, you can analyze and evaluate every question asked by users. This information gives you an unparalleled looking at exactly what the average consumer wants addressed and where you can improve your sales efforts.

Talking with your customers is one of the most effective methods of keeping them engaged, happy, and converting. To find out more about how you can converse with consumers 24/7 and learn from your visitors’ questions, contact the team at UpSellit.


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